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Top 5 baby items that optimise sleep – By Natalie Herman Baby Sleep Consultancy

By Natalie Herman Baby Sleep Consultancy


ONE – Swaddle I recommend using a swaddle from the time you come home from the hospital. Swaddling makes babies feel safe and secure and recreates a womb-like feel. It also prevents the startle reflex from waking baby up, therefore allowing them to sleep better. Consistently swaddling them for all day and night time sleeps will help develop a sleep cue for your baby. Your baby will learn that when you swaddle them, that sleep is imminent. My favourite is the Love to Dream swaddles, super easy to use and their range grows with your baby.



Image credit: Love To Dream

TWO – Comforter I recommend introducing a comforter at 4 months of age for all day and night time sleeps. To introduce it, simply place it in your baby’s cot and ensure there are no other toys there, this way your baby will learn to attach to it. The idea of a comforter is that your baby will more easily ‘transition’ or separate from you so that in situations when you are not there, such as when they are sleeping, it will offer them great comfort. In doing this they will learn to become an independent sleeper and will learn how to settle on their own with out your involvement. You will find that your baby will use the comforter to help them fall back to sleep rather than call out for you in between sleep cycles. I recommend using it for all sleeps including those in the pram. Your baby’s comforter will become a great friend for your little one and will most likely continue to be well into the toddler years and beyond. I always recommend buying more than one, just in case one gets lost. It can cause a lot of anxiety as I have found out first-hand – for bub and mum! I love the L’il Fraser comforter because it is super soft and it’s easy for little hands to grab. Recommendation:

Image credit: L'il Fraser Collection

THREE – White Noise White noise recreates the womb-like sounds your baby may be missing, particularly in the fourth trimester. It will also muffle out any external sounds that may wake your baby up, allowing them to sleep well. I use the sound of waves in my baby’s room for both day and night sleeps. It acts as a sleep cue to him and because he finds it comforting, when he wakes, he is able to self-settle and more easily connect his sleep cycles. White noise is helpful when travelling and you are putting your baby to sleep in a new environment, it helps them to feel safe and familiar in the new sleep space. I use a ‘white noise’ app, which is free to download on your phone or iPad.


FOUR – DockATot This is a comfy lounger that makes baby feel snug and secure. Some may use it as a co-sleeper that they can put on their bed, but I use it for tummy time, play time and for relaxation, mainly before bedtime. As it is easily transportable, I can take it to the bathroom when I’m bathing my eldest, or to the lounge room whilst I’m preparing his bottle before bed, and I know my baby is happy and safe. Newborns will comfortably sleep in it so it’s a great item to take out and about too i.e. having dinner at a friend’s place. Recommendation:

Image credit: DockATot

FIVE – Cozigo Cozigo is a brilliant invention that allows your baby to sleep better on the go. It is a sleep cover for airline bassinets, prams and strollers. As Cozigo is breathable and blocks out 97% of light and prevents any sort of distraction, babies are able to fall asleep easily when it is in use. I believe the Cozigo recreates the sleeping environment babies are used to. Babies enjoy a consistent sleep routine however it is not always possible to be home for every sleep. I love the Cozigo because it allows me to venture out knowing that my baby is going to sleep as soundly as he does when in his cot. I love the freedom it gives parents. When it’s not sleep time, this invention works wonders as a sun cover.


Image credit: Cozigo


As a baby sleep consultant, I hear a lot about new baby products, particularly those that facilitate a good sleep. The products I have mentioned are all ones I have used personally and loved.



Natalie is a certified sleep consultant. She provides in home consultations and Skype consultations to parents with children newborn until aged 5. She is also a blogger, guest speaker and runs a private members lounge via her website.


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