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Season 3 | Episode 7

The business of making babies – From embryologist to fertility educator & coach

Lucy Lines – Two Lines Fertility

Fertility has become big business over the last 20 years since my latest guest has been involved within the industry. Perhaps you’ve struggled to have a baby? Or you have a friend that’s experiencing this. Fertility is something that isn't spoken about openly or often and this makes the process of trying to conceive (naturally or with assistance) extremely difficult.


Lucy Lines started as a clinical embryologist (an IVF scientist) working in fertility clinics around the world helping people have the family they always dreamed of. But as you’ll hear, this wasn’t enough. Lucy started to see a scary shift towards the exploitation of those who face fertility challenges and it was something that she didn’t want to be a part of. So Lucy found a way to get back into the business of making babies not making money for shareholders!


Naturally, Lucy moved into a guidance and support role. At Two Lines Fertility, Lucy provides people with independent support as they navigate the overwhelm of fertility treatment. She’s like a fertility coach who can give you the answers that Google can’t.   


In this episode Lucy shares why she made the leap from embryologist to fertility educator and program manager. She speaks about when to seek out professional help and provides great advice about how we can support our friends or family undergoing treatment. Lucy also explains what secondary fertility is and why it occurs. And lastly, Lucy shares another offering that she’s really passionate about – Future Fertility Safe. This is where she loves to educate and empower young women and men and the people who care for them to understand how to protect their reproductive future.

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