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Season 3 | Episode 8

Be calmer, happier and more fulfilled in motherhood and life

Louise East – More to Mum

I’m delighted to introduce you to Melbourne Mum Louise East who is Mindset and Life Coach for Mums.


At More to Mum, Louise is on a mission to help you see that you are MORE now that you’re a mother, not less. She loves to help you identify what you really want in motherhood and life, and make it a reality. She has the most wonderful perspective about helping Mums and how it causes a positive ripple effect that extends to our family and then beyond that to the wider community.

This episode is super practical and relatable to all Mums. Louise talks about the reasons why we’re feeling overwhelmed in our lives and provides tips around overcoming this. If you’ve been losing it a lot lately and then beating yourself up about being ‘angry Mummy’ you’ll be thrilled by the approach Louise shares about how to be keep your cool and be calmer. We then chat about boundaries – why is it important to have them and how you can establish them with others. Louise keeps the tips coming with sharing ways we can slip out of mum-mode and connect more with our partners. And lastly we talk about self-care in a realistic way. No more feeling the guilts about another thing you don’t have time for. Like I said, a super practical episode.

Here's some links to the nifty resources that Louise chats about:

​Wanna chit chat about this episode? Find me over Insta & Facey at @motherhoodmelbourne.


Connect with Louise East

Surviving motherhood one coffee at a time? Join the hood at Motherhood Melbourne for real stories, connections, mama-friendly events and oodles of goodies. It's FREE and it's for Melbourne Mamas. 

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