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Motherhood – it’s time to lay it all out on the table. No more bulldust stories of perfect mothering. And no more fluffy nappy advertisement portrayals of goddess like mothers with their angelic offspring. 

We want to share the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that other women are going through the exact same thing as you. 

Are you ready to spill the beans? Yes? That’s awesome and Melbourne mothers applaud you. So let me tell you a little bit about how this works. 

The only requirement is that you are a mother and live in Melbourne (or anywhere in Victoria, Australia). 

Download this document to start sharing your story. 

Tell us a story about a particular part of your motherhood journey e.g. fertility, pregnancy, birth, newborn phase and beyond. A significant story about what happened to you, how you felt, the way that you dealt with it or are dealing with it. It doesn’t have to be tragic and it doesn’t have to have a happy ending. It just has to be in your own words. 

Here are some examples to give you an idea:

– What it’s like to go through IVF.
– How I learned to love my body through pregnancy.
– Why I am scared to give birth again.
– Motherhood inspired me to start my own business.
– What it’s like to have a large age gap with my children.
– My experience of being a single mother.

It's absolutely fine if you’re not a writer, you just need to type it out as though you are sitting with a friend having a coffee and chatting away. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar either – I’ll sort that out for you. 

Are you ready to share your story and help other Melbourne mothers? Download our document Motherhood Stories. Fill in the details and email it to [email protected]. I will get back to you if I need any further information and also let you know a week beforehand, when you’re story will run. 


Thanks for contributing. You’re awesome!


Holly xx

Chief mama

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