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Want to get your biz, blog or event in front of the sassy mamas of Melbourne? If you've got the goods to make their lives better n' brighter, then I've got the golden ticket. 

Before we get started, you need to know something about the ladies that I hang out with. They're called hood mamas because they're bad-ass and savvy. 


I love working with people that have BOLD ideas. But you've gotta be kind. I'm fiercely protective of the #hoodmamas and only want to partner with people who understand that Motherhood Melbourne is first and foremost, a kick-ass community. Together we're surviving motherhood one coffee at a time. 

If you're picking up what I'm putting down, welcome to the hood!

Want the nerd numbers? Here's my Media Kit. 

Select each option for more info:

Promotional packages

Multi-platform promotion via website, social media and email newsletter. For product, service and event based businesses and bloggers. 

Podcast Partner

Love-bombing your biz on a podcast that is only for Melbourne Mamas. For Australian product, service and event based businesses.

Sponsored blog post

I'll work my blah-blah magic and write a killer piece about you. For product, service and event based businesses and bloggers.

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