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 Callin' all Melbourne makers & shakers to the hood. Do you own a Melbourne based biz? Sell a product or provide a service that makes mother's lives easier, better and brighter? Then 'COME ON DOWN' and let's #celebratemelbourne.

Motherhood Melbourne is all about supporting local businesses and celebrating your dreams. 

Would you like to get your business in front of Melbourne mothers for FREE! Yes, you read that correctly. It doesn't cost a thing. We'll run a blog post all about YOUR BIZ, showcase what you offer on Instagram and Facebook. Plus we'll also continue the digital parade in our weekly newsletter. Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it?

The only requirement is that you are a Melbourne (or anywhere in Victoria, Australia) owned business. Plus your business serves our Melb mum community. 

So how does this work? There's two options: (Please note – I'm more inclined to publish Option 2 submissions…#justsaying)

1. Answer interview-style questions about you, your business and life in Melbourne.


2. Create a unique post that highlights your experience and expertise. This post is an opportunity to help Melbourne mothers and add value to their lives. 

Here are some examples:

Clothing retailer – 5 basics every woman needs in her wardrobe.

Children's boutique – How to create a monochrome nursery.

Baby sleep specialist – Effective strategies to help your baby self settle.

Download this document to start telling Melb mamas about your biz. 

You don't have to be a writer. You just concentrate on highlighting what you do best and I'll sort out spelling or grammar. Ready to start getting your business out there? Download our #celebratemelbourne document, answer the questions and email it to [email protected] 


I'll get back to you if I need any further info and also let you know a week beforehand, when you’re story will run. 


Thanks for contributing. You’re a rock star! 


Holly xx

Chief mama

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