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Stylish denim jackets for your little babes

A denim jacket is a staple piece of any trendy wardrobe. Tina, a Melbourne Mum of twin girls thinks we shouldn't let the grown-ups have all of the denim fun. With a soft spot for streetwear and months of being housebound with two babes, a passion for fashion grew and Tina launched a cool kid's label Hello Harper and Riley. Discover more about this Melbourne-designed denim lovin' label.


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Introducing Tina…

We are Hello Harper and Riley! My name is Tina Hamburger (that’s right just like the one you eat!). I’m the crazy mother to my 3 year old twins – Harper and Riley. Two crazy, happy, independent kids with a ridiculous sense of style (I actually feel like I’m raising the next Olsen twins).


In the beginning…

That’s how the craziness all began. I was on maternity leave for 18 months raising two little babes house bound… I mean literally house bound and I just needed a creative outlet. I have always had a love of fashion especially street wear and of course denim. It’s a must have in EVERYONE’S wardrobe. But denim doesn’t have to be boring especially for little babes. We are Hello Harper and Riley!


I wanted to raise my girls as individuals I wanted them to choose their style. Which they did… pink, pink, pink and sparkles, rainbows, unicorns all of it! I now find anything glittery irresistible. You only need to take a look at our AW18 range to know this is so true. Our aim is to add some sparkle and sunshine into everyone’s life. We create jackets for the children and the things that make them happy. I love hearing little girls tell me what they love the most about their jackets -“The unicorn”, “the rainbow”, “the donut patch!”


Personalise it!

Our personalised jackets are a way to make each child’s jacket truly theirs. One of a kind bespoke jackets. Hand sequinned by me. These jackets literally take me hours to make but it’s all worth it knowing I’ve created something that will make someone smile. A jacket that no one else in the world has, just her! WOW!


Our jackets are transeasonal. Made from a light weight cotton denim which is soft on the skin. Some denim can be really irritable on young kids, especially the little ones. Living in Melbourne it’s so important to always have a jacket on hand (you all know this… thanks Melbourne!). They are great to throw on when the weather gets cooler in the afternoon, and also a great layering piece with a beanie and jumper in the cooler months.


Future plans…

What’s next for us? World denimnation of course! Haha. We hope to have a place in everyone’s wardrobe, sizes for the bigger kids, styles for boys and styles for Mamas OMG!



We create rocking, edgy and stylish personalised denim jackets for your little loves.


Business owner: Tina Hamburger


Fav café: Stagger Lees Fitzroy (owned by my husband and I but run by hubby… I’m not superwoman).

Coffee order: Batch Brew or “batchy” for the cool kids. Pretty much a speciality filter coffee… always black.


[email protected]​


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