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5 photos you need to have with your kids

Get in the photo Mama!


Is someone usually missing from the family photo? I bet it’s you Mama. It’s time to stop hiding behind the camera and get in front of it. Are you up for the #getinthephotomama challenge? I’ve put together 5 photos that you need to be in. To play along, get snapping and share your pics on Insta or Facey. Tag @motherhoodmelbourne and hashtag #getinthephotomama so I can reshare.


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Image credit: Jess Worrall Photography


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Round up the fam and get a photo in front of your home. Why? Because in 10, 20 or 50 years’ time, this will be a great nod to the past. It’s a fab way to show your kids the place where they formed their childhood memories.




What’s your fav place that you like to visit with you kids? I’m not talking about Disneyland, rather somewhere that makes you smile and the kids squeal with delight. For me, it’s the Zoo. We go there almost weekly (no Susan I do not need a map – thank you!). I love getting in a photo with the kids because this is our happy place.

Image credit: Jess Worrall Photography




Give your partner, fam or friend your camera and tell them to get snapping as you hang out with you kids. Get shots of you building Lego towers, crafting up a storm or crawling in and out of cubby houses you made with blankets and chairs. One day, your moody teenager will blurt out “you don’t love me” to which you can whip out a pic of you playing dress-ups in a half princess, half dinosaur costume they made you wear and say “would I look this ridiculous if I didn’t love you?” Boom!




In our fam, we sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star every-single-night with our eldest son and then all touch each other’s noses at the end as we sing the last bit “what you aaaaaaaaare.” It makes him the happiest 4-year-old on the planet. Now, I know that one day, he probably won’t even say goodnight to me, let alone do cute songs and weird nose-touching moves. So, this is a mundane moment that I want captured.


Yes, it can feel like Groundhog Day as you repeat the same morning and night routines every single day. But these are also the moments that make your relationship special with your kids. What’s something that you do everyday with you kids that won’t be forever? Get in a photo doing that.

Image credit: Jess Worrall Photography




The last and most important photo, is one of only you. I’m not talking about a pouty selfie. Just a piccie of you. Nothing glam. Just you the way that you are now. Although you might be feeling exhausted from doing all-the-things, hopefully you’ll see what you kid’s see – a loving Mum that’s doing the best she bloody can.




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