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The must-have item every Melbourne mama needs




As mamas, we all suffer the wrath of Melbourne’s unpredictable and ever-changing weather. It often means we’re cooped up inside for days or weeks to protect our little ones. Two Melbourne mums (Ginna and Andrea) decided to take on mighty Melbourne and have curated the best products in their online store HappyRoo, to help you get outside everyday. One of those items that every mama of a baby/toddler needs is a pram footmuff. It fits like a glove on the foot of your pram to keep your child protected when you’re out and about. Here’s 5 reasons why, you’re going to love this essential pram accessory.


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1. Stop the blanket kickers Who has a little kicker? You know, a genius bub that figures out how to kick its pram blankets off EVERYTIME! As you pick it up off the ground over and over, you know their giggle really means “This game is fun mama.” As much as it helps you increase your squatting quota, you’re not laughing. The clever design of the footmuff means that there is no way little Einstein can get out of the footmuff. It’s wrapped around them and does its thang.

2. Keeps baby oh-so-comfy A footmuff is very similar to a sleeping bag. Slip your baby in and they’ll be snug as a bug. The central zip helps to regulate body temperature which means that your baby will never be too hot or too cold but just right!


3. Cruise around everyday

Staying indoors everyday is the making of a miserable mama. But moody Melbourne weather makes us think we need to bunker down and endure cabin fever. A little dry shampoo and attaching the footmuff on your pram means you’re ready to take on the world again. Breathe in the fresh air and have peace of mind knowing your little one is unaffected by whatever weather Melbourne brings. #bringitonMelbourne 4. Washy-washy Remember when you were pregnant and bought all that cutesy stuff that you couldn’t wash? I bet it’s all now in the bin. It’s ok, you live – you learn. That’s why it’s so awesome that the footmuff can go in your washer. So simple and yet makes you want to clap your hands with excitement.

5. Pram strut C’mon, we’re all friends here – who chose their pram based on looks as much as the essential features? Me, me! There’s no shame in loving pretty things and wanting our child’s accessories to match. That’s why HappyRoo stocks a large range of footmuffs with stylish designs. If monochrome is your thing, they’ve got it and if denim is how you roll…yep, they’ve got it. The best news is that the footmuffs are compatible with majority of prams sold in Australia. #WINNING


Hands up if you’re dying to buy a pram footmuff? Stalk the range at HappyRoo.


HappyRoo is a Motherhood Melbourne partner in crime. I only partner with the best businesses that make Melbourne mama’s lives better ‘n’ brighter. This post was kindly sponsored by HappyRoo and written by Motherhood Melbourne.




Beautiful clothes and accessories for your little one to play outside everyday.


Biz owners: Ginna and Andrea


Hood: Docklands​


[email protected]


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