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Collaborative photoshoot




The participation fee entitles each business/blogger to:

1. Products featured in a collaborative photoshoot with Motherhood Melbourne on Sunday 19th August 2018.


2. A professional shoot that includes a photographer, stylist, photography studio, assistant and miscellaneous items.


3. A minimum of 300 high-res and low-res digital images from the entire shoot to use for business purposes. These will be provided 2 weeks from the shoot date.


4. Being featured in the #mamasofmelbEDIT blog post on Motherhood Melbourne (Wednesday 5th September 2018) with your business, description, website and social media accounts listed and hyperlinked.


5. Selected images will feature in the October Fashion edition of MamaMag. The magazine editor will select which images will be included and published.


6. Being tagged or acknowledged in posts by all participating parties (businesses who paid the participation fee) whenever your product appears in a pic on Instagram.


7. 1 Facebook post and 1 Instagram post crafted by Motherhood Melbourne and posted on Motherhood Melbourne. Posts will be done before 31st December 2018.


8. Organisation and administration tasks completed by Motherhood Melbourne.


Application, confirmation and payment


To be involved, businesses must adhere to the following:




1. Businesses need to complete all required information on the #mamaofmelbEDIT application form and submit it via email to [email protected] by 11:59pm Friday 6th July 2018.


2. Only businesses that reside in Australia can apply. The owner or business office must be based in Australia.




1. All businesses that apply will be informed as to whether they will be involved in the #mamasofmelbEDIT by no later than Friday 13th July 2018.


2. Businesses that have applied cannot publicly share whether they have or haven’t been selected to be involved in the #mamaofmelbEDIT. Motherhood Melbourne will share the final list via social media before the shoot. After that, businesses are welcome to share.


3. Businesses that were not initially involved, can be contacted and invited to participate if another business declines the offer or their contract is terminated.  




1. Participation fee is $365 for each business.


2. The participation fee must be paid in full by 11:59pm Friday 27th July 2018.


3. Failure to provide full payment on the due date will result in the business being removed from the project. Motherhood Melbourne can then invite another business to replace your spot.


4. The participation fee is non-refundable. Even if you are unable to provide your promised product.


Successful applicants are expected to provide:

1. Agreed upon products.


2. Shipping or delivery to Motherhood Melbourne no later than Monday 6th August 2018. This date can be negotiated if required. Shipping and delivery of items are at the cost of the business. Return of items is also at cost to the business. You can arrange to pick them up after the shoot or pay for return shipping. 


3. Items are not gifted to the ‘models’ or Motherhood Melbourne. You are entitled to have them back. There is no guarantee as to the condition of items as they are being used by people (adults and children) and may get dirty or damaged. Extreme care will be taken.


Use of images


Businesses must adhere to use of images in the following ways:


1. Can use images for business/promotional purposes.


2. Are required to always credit the image – Motherhood Melbourne, Jess Worrall Photography and the stylist in the copy (text) of the post on ALL social media tools.


3. Are required to either tag or acknowledge all participating parties in the image or the copy (text) on Instagram.


4. Cannot share any images or videos before the #mamasofmelbEDIT blog post has gone live.


5. Are required to share an image on the date and time specified by Motherhood Melbourne and promote the blog post.


6. Cannot sell the images or submit the images as an editorial (collective photoshoot). Only Motherhood Melbourne can sell and submit the images as an editorial to print or online publications.


7. Motherhood Melbourne can engage non-participating businesses in the photo shoot in exchange for exposure or other agreed upon conditions. Participating parties are not required to promote non-participating businesses.


Termination of contract


Motherhood Melbourne can terminate the contract and agreement with any business:


1. That does not adhere to the terms and conditions.


2. Where association will tarnish the reputation of Motherhood Melbourne or other participating parties.


3. When full payment is not made by the agreed date.


4. When agreed product not provided.


5. Is not responding or communicating in a helpful or respectful manner.


6. When the actions of the business are affecting the progress/organisation of the photo shoot.

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