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Photography credits: Bree Downes (left) & Breeana Dunbar (right). 

Season 1 | Episode 6

Sarah Jefford – Surrogacy lawyer & surrogate

Sarah Jefford is a family and surrogacy lawyer who helps people through their surrogacy arrangement. But Sarah is also a surrogate and an egg donor and this year she gave birth to a little girl so that another loving couple (Mike and Nate) could experience the joys of parenthood. stone. 


Sarah is on mission to help the community to see surrogacy and egg donation as a beautiful opportunity to help others grow their families. Sarah hopes to show that the true reward is in the giving, not the receiving.

In this episode, Sarah shares:

  • How she came to the decision to donate her eggs and also to become a surrogate.

  • The experience of being a surrogate like during pregnancy, birth and beyond.


  • Common misconceptions about surrogacy in Australia.

  • The role she plays in a couple’s surrogacy journey as a family lawyer


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