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Season 1 | Episode 2

Rebecca Hawker – Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Rebecca Hawker is a Nutritionist and Wellness Coach who believes in nourishing Mum’s from the inside out. Being a Mum is hard work and often we leave little time to invest in ourselves.


Bek (as she’s lovingly known as) helps Mums (just like you and I) to prioritise ourselves.


Bek is on a mission to support Mums to achieve their health and wellness goals and to also build resilience and create personal boundaries in motherhood.

In this episode, Rebecca shares:

  • Her early experience of motherhood how that lead to becoming a nutritionist and wellness coach.

  • The various ways that Rebecca help Mums with their wellness.


  • Addresses wellbeing themes that are common among Mums  and practical tips to overcome these.

  • Discusses the effects of always being rushed and ways that we can break the “busy” cycle.

  • Breaks down how gut health, hormonal balance and  postpartum depletion affects our emotional wellbeing.

​Wanna chit chat about this episode? Find me over Insta & Facey at @motherhoodmelbourne.


Connect with Rebecca Hawker

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