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Season 2 | Episode 9

Helping Mums get their glow back with natural skincare

Marie Cunico – Skincare Formulator

Marie Cunico has worked in the beauty industry for 15 years. Her years of experience and study have led her to becoming a skincare formulator. And she is the beauty behind facing motherhood – natural skincare for tired, sore and busy Mums.


Marie is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in helping Mums make the switch to natural skincare and understand what the heck they are actually putting on their skin.

Have you ever picked up a product and been confused by the ingredients? Have you bought a product because you were wowed by the packaging & hype, only to be disappointed? Or do you feel like now that you’re a Mum, skincare has gone out the window because you’re too busy to squeeze it in? Then hold on to your coffee, this is the episode for you.

Marie chats shares some ingredients to steer clear of and why. She chats about skincare marketing and it’s lack of understanding and inclusion of Mums. Yep – we don’t want to plonked into the anti-aging category. Not old – just tired. And we talk about postpartum discomfort and how Marie’s personal experience led to the creation of a collection that gives Mum natural care, for down there. 

Marie is on a mission to help tired, sore and busy Mums feel themselves again with natural skincare. 

In this episode, Marie shares:

  • The way her love for beauty led her to become a skincare formulator.

  • How to understand ingredients and some ingredients to steer clear of. 


  • Skincare marketing and it’s lack of understanding and inclusion of Mums.

  • How natural skincare can help with postpartum discomfort. 

  • The isolation of motherhood.


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