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Season 2 | Episode 3

How Mums can take control of their finances and live the life they want

Keryn Batsilas – Financial Adviser

We're talking all things MONEY! Joining us is Keryn Batsilas, Financial Adviser from your Life and Money Matters, an Authorised Representative of AVALONfs. Anything that Keryn talks about is of a general nature and not to be used as personal advice.

In this episode, we dive into financial considerations that we as Mums should focus on when having a career pause (such as Mat Leave) or if making the decision to not return to work. We also chat about what to do to ensure we’re not financially vulnerable should any unexpected circumstances occur such as the loss of a partner or breakdown of a relationship.

Of course, we chat about the B-word BUDGETING! There’s a tip or two in there that can help you with your family budget. We also talk about motherhood and Super and the misconceptions that we often have.

Keryn is on a mission to educate and empower Mums to take control of their finances so that they can have they life they want.


In this episode, Keryn shares:

  • Why she loves helping people with their finances.

  • The financial considerations we should focus on when having a career pause or deciding not to return to work.


  • How to set up a practical budget.

  •  Common misconceptions about Super and how Mums can get their head around it.


​Wanna chit chat about this episode? Find me over Insta & Facey at @motherhoodmelbourne.


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