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Season 2 | Episode 10

Helping Mums believe they are always enough

Carolyn Dicker – Project Strong Mum

This episode features Carolyn Dicker of Project Strong Mum. Carolyn is uniting Mums by building a community of acceptance and support. She hopes to inspire Mums to live life on their terms and to start believing that they are always enough.

When you hear Carolyn’s story, you’ll understand where this comes from. She gets very vulnerable and shares her struggles with motherhood.If you’ve been sitting on a idea for a while to help others, I hope this episode gives you insight into how to move past the fear and kick into mission mode. 


Carolyn is on a mission to help Mums believe they are always enough.

In this episode, Carolyn shares:

  • The way motherhood was the catalyst for huge personal change.

  • Explains what postnatal depression & anxiety feel like.


  • Her experience of facing the diagnosis of her child having additional needs. 

  • Why she started Project Strong Mum.



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Connect with Carolyn Dicker

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