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Season 1 | Episode 8

Photography credit: Sister Scout Studio

Karen Wasson – Owner of Cocooned 

Karen Wasson is the owner of Cocooned where she has created accessible and inclusive clothing, designed for children and babies who have undergone surgery or receiving medical care. The innovative design of the clothing means that it has an adaptive nature that provides easy access to medical lines, drain etc, without having to fully undress the child.

Through thoughtful design, Karen is on a mission help make life a little easier and less stressful when a child is going through surgery or treatment in hospital.

In this episode, Karen shares:

  • How her daughter's experience inspired the creation of Cocooned.

  • The thoughtful design features they've implemented into the adaptive clothing and how these features help.


  • The process of designing and manufacturing adaptive clothing.

  •  The big obstacles they faced in getting Cocooned off the ground and out to market.


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