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Making memories with Vuly Trampolines

REVIEW: Vuly Ultra Trampoline – Medium

Are your best childhood memories of jumping on a trampoline in your backyard? Nothing says Aussie childhood like bouncing for hours, practicing cool flips and and running the sprinkler underneath on hot days. Now as parents, we get to introduce our kids to the joy of trampolines.

Our family has been bounce-testing one of Australia’s favourite and safest trampoline made by Vuly – Ultra Trampoline (Medium). While my two boys insist I tell you it’s “really cool” and “the best ever”, I know you’ll want to hear about some of the practical and safety features that make parents turn to Vuly for trampolines and swing set models.


Article is reviewed and written by Holly Brunnbauer – editor of Motherhood Melbourne. The product was supplied in order to provide Melbourne Mums with an honest review. For further questions about my experience with this product, slip into my DMs on Insta @hollybrunnbauer.


Easy to assemble

I want to start with this, because I know it’s a big concern. Especially when trampolines are often purchased as Christmas gifts and parents wonder how late they’ll be up on Christmas Eve. I’m happy to say that my husband assembled the trampoline in less than an hour and didn’t swear once (I feel that’s important to know). There’s zero nuts, bolts or velcro so it’s easy to assemble and follow the Assembly Manual instructions. There’s also straightforward videos on the Vuly website to help you too.

Safe and easy entry

I was pleasantly surprised that the entry doesn’t have fiddly zips or velcro. Instead it has a no-gap netting that overlaps. Meaning that the entry is self-closing. The reason this is a big win is because my kids can’t zip and lock each other up in there (which they totally would) and I don’t have to help them get in and out. When Mama needs a rest, they can run outside and I can enjoy a hot cuppa and watch them from the kitchen window. Win-win!

Soft landings and no-gap netting

If you’re a child of the 80’s and 90’s, then you’ll have at least one trampoline horror story. Thankfully, times have changed. On a Vuly Trampoline there’s only two places a kid can land – the mat or the net. The springs are external to the enclosure, there’s no gap between the mat and net, the poles and nets arch in opposite directions and the tight weave means there’s a no-gap netting.

Play all day

You might be wondering, will the trampoline get much use or will the novelty wear-off in a week? I had the same concern too, especially because we have a small backyard. But Mr almost 3 & almost 6 (the almost is important), use it every single day. Multiple times a day. It provides hours of entertainment for them. They also tend to nag me less for snacks. So I’d say having a trampoline is a smart investment. And yes, because I know you’re all wondering – I’ve given it a whirl too. Can’t quit nail a forward flip like I did 25 years ago, but I’m working on it.

Keen to bounce? Visit Vuly to find out more about their safe trampolines.



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