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Travel around Melbourne safely with the latest taxi app


Download the Silver Top app to get around Melbourne safely.


Firstly, have you ever been in a taxi and not asked “busy night?” It just rolls out, every-single-time. Secondly, (and bit more seriously) have you felt unsafe? Or, wondered if your driver is being paid fairly? I’m happy to report that you can now relax when it comes to travelling in a taxi around Melbourne. The latest app from Melbourne-owned service – Silver Top Taxis, puts you in good hands. Find out how this app will help you feel safe, make travel easier and put a stop to your older kids treating you as their personal taxi driver.


This post is kindly sponsored by Silver Top Taxis and written by Motherhood Melbourne. The Melbourne-owned and family-run service has just launched an app to help you travel safely. Download the Silver Top app.

What you need to know about the Silver Top app


Quick Hail for one touch bookings

Need a taxi, like right now? Open the app, tap on the Quick Hail button to place a booking at your GPS location – DONE! Gotta love an app that makes Mum life easy peasy.


100% of payment goes to drivers

There’s nothing better than having a good old gasbag with your taxi driver. By the end of the ride, you feel like pals. Which is why it’s heartbreaking to find out that there are some companies (not naming names), that don’t value their drivers and take a huge chunk of their earnings. Say whaaat? You know who doesn’t stooge them over? Silver Top Taxis, that’s who. 100% of payment goes to your driver pal.


In-app Payment: Credit Card, debit card & PayPal

If you’ve got older kids that think you’re their personal taxi service, this nifty feature will save you. With this app your kids can hail a cab without physically waving your card around. Keep your deets safe and pay for your trip with the in-app payment by registering your credit card, debit card or PayPal account. Learn how to set it up by watching this vid – ‘Pay with Paypal in Silver Top Taxis.

Live GPS Tracking & location sharing

Remember when your kids were little and you’d watch the baby monitor all the time? You’re never going to stop worrying, no matter how big they are. Which is why it’s great that you can keep a close eye on your kids in the taxi by watching their entire trip on your phone with GPS tracking and location sharing. Or if you’ve let the mum-bun down and had night out, feel safe by sending a tracking link to friends or fam. You can even set up an emergency contact person in the app.



Love local? Silver Top Taxis are a family-run service that have been around for yonks (1936 to be exact). It’s both locally owned and operated. As more overseas-owned rideshare services pop up, it’s important that we do what Melbournians do best – support local. Community is super important to Silver Top Taxis, which is why they love to support local teams (like Coburg Football Club). It’s a great feeling to know that each ride is giving back to local people.


Download the Silver Top app – Making family travel easy & safe.


Silver Top Taxis


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