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How to keep your car running longer and prevent costly repairs

Every single day, you're zipping around here, there and everywhere. Right? How often do you book your car in for a service? When something is blinking or rattling? Not really a top priority on your already long to-do list. But, when your car is not running well or unable to get you and the fam from A to B, it really hits you. It's such an inconvenience, especially when you're relying on it for your work and family activities. The Oil Change is an automotive service centre located in Dandenong. They are sharing the importance of regular car maintenance and how car servicing can be simplified with their subscription based model.


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Written by Elbio – owner of The Oil Change.


Our services may not glamorous or visually appealing. They aren't the first thing people think are essential to supporting mums and their families, but what we offer is peace of mind – and that is priceless.


When you know your car is running well, you have the freedom to enjoy more time doing what you love with your family. That is the assurance you can have as a customer at The Oil Change.


Your car is a valuable family asset, it gets you to work, the shops, school drop off/pick up and takes your family away on holidays. Much like your mobile phone, you are probably using your car every day and you couldn’t do without it (or it would be really inconvenient). Unlike your phone, you might not spend the same amount of time and money to keep it running efficiently.


From our experience we know many people don’t service their car regularly. A trip to the mechanic is usually triggered when something is noticeably wrong, by this stage it’s likely to need more than just a service to fix it, which can mean a costly trip to the mechanic.


The Oil Change wants to increase consumer awareness to the importance of maintaining a regular car-servicing schedule, it is the best way to keep your car running longer and preventing costly repairs.


Even if you are one of those people that are organised enough to book your car in for a regular service, here are some specific ways The Oil Change can make it easier for you:

  • We are proud to be the first automotive repair business in Victoria (and maybe the world) to offer a subscription based payment option.

  • An annual subscription to The Oil Change helps Mums plan their family budget. The cost of a subscription package starts from $45 per month and includes 2 services for the year.

  • As a paying subscriber you are able to use our online booking calendar to schedule your car’s service at a time that suits you.

  • Efficiency – after your service is complete you can just drive away, no payments at time of pick-up.

  • We can arrange local pick up and drop off of your car for customers local to Dandenong.

At The Oil Change we encourage responsible driving and car safety through simple car maintenance. We also like to support the community and give back. Currently our aim is to use 5% of our company’s annual profit to sponsor learner drivers in the community to get their probationary licence and/or participate in a defensive driving course. As our business grows, we hope we can do more for the community.




Automotive service centre


Business owner: Elbio

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1/41 Sinclair Road, Dandenong VIC


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