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How to plan childcare when you’re ready to return to work

Feeling overwhelmed that maternity leave is coming to an end? There’s probably a whirlwind of emotions – the angst of finding suitable early learning centre for your child and the excitement of having a hot cuppa in peace. Oh, the simple pleasures! Don’t worry, here’s some handy tips to help you plan childcare whilst preparing to return to work.


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1. Book in a tour Even when your return to work date is uncertain, you can start exploring early learning centres. Take a tour of the centres you’re interested in, meet the Centre Director and Educators and ask those burning questions. This will help you find the right fit for your child and family.


2. Register your interest When you find the right early learning centres that tick all of your boxes, register your interest immediately.

3. Attend orientation days It will take time for your child to feel comfortable in an early learning centre. It’s normal for them to be upset initially. However, attending orientation days is one way to ensure that the transition into an early learning centre is positive for your child (and yourself). Prior to starting, visit the centre with your child for shorter periods. This will help them to become familiar with their new environment and Educators. As your child becomes more comfortable, increase the hours or days.


4. Manage your mindset You will also need time and steps to help you transition during this period. Remind yourself that it’s wonderful for your children to see you work, chase your dreams and pursue financial independence. What an incredible role model you are to your child! Also, keep in mind the amazing learning opportunities your child is about to have. Each day, week and month, you’ll be wowed by their accomplishments.

BONUS TIP – Allow extra time In the beginning the drop-off and pick-up can take longer than expected. Your child might be upset about you leaving and then so darn happy at the end of the day, they keep running away from you (#truestory). It’ll make you less stressed about being late to work or home if you plan for the extra time until things settle down.


For further tips about preparing for childcare, read Tips for returning to work after having your baby.


To find a centre and book a tour, contact Goodstart Early Learning. 1800 222 543


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