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Optimise your Child Care Subsidy with Goodstart Early Learning.

Goodstart Early Learning

The government’s new Child Care Subsidy commences 2 July and around 1 million Australian families are set to be better off. Goodstart Early Learning are leading the charge to help you understand how your family can benefit. They’re also supporting you to optimise your childcare subsidy and help minimise your out of pocket costs.


This post is kindly sponsored by Goodstart Early Learning and written by Motherhood Melbourne.


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High quality learning has a long-lasting impact on a child’s development. Up until now, access to early learning has been financially out of reach for many families. With the introduction of the Child Care Subsidy on 2 July, more families (especially those from low and middle incomes) will be generously supported. As a parent, it will allow you to give your child a valuable head start with early learning.

Goodstart Early Learning are helping families to minimise their out of pocket costs.


Goodstart Early Learning understands that one size doesn’t fit all families. That’s why they have introduced new options including 9 hour and 10 hour sessions. You have the option to choose the hours of Child Care that are suitable for your personal situation. The all-day sessions are still available.


The new 9 hour and 10 hour sessions could help to reduce the risk that families will run out of eligible subsidised hours and as a result will have to pay full fees. These sessions introduced by Goodstart Early Learning may help you minimise your out of pocket costs.

Do you want to know more about the Child Care Subsidy?


Goodstart Early Learning have also created these helpful posts to help you understand the new Child Care Subsidy:


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For further information about the flexible sessions, contact Goodstart Early Learning and search ‘Goodstart Sessions’.


1800 222 543



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