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One of a kind baby mattress that’s asthma and allergy friendly

The Numu-Roo breathable mattress is now in Australia!


Getting a good night’s sleep is the holy grail of parenting. We know that when bub sleeps, Mum sleeps. Mattress selection plays a big part in whether we will kick those parenting sleep goals. When Ron Hoffman moved to Melbourne with his family, they were on the hunt for a breathable mattress for their 3rd child. Ron says “we couldn’t find anything, so we brought it from Israel. We decided we wanted to allow Australian parents to have the option of giving Numu to their bubs.” The Numu-Roo is not like any mattress you’ve ever seen before. The unique design and features are why many parents and The National Asthma Council Australia believe that it’s the best and safest sleeping surface we can offer babies and young kids.


HOOD MAMA SPECIAL – Use the code MOTHERHOOD when you buy a cot mattress to get a FREE cotton fitted sheet. SHOP at Numu-Roo.


This post is kindly sponsored by Numu-Roo and written by Motherhood Melbourne. There are affiliate links included. It won’t cost you any extra but means I might get a little coin to fund my next mani/pedi.

Find out about the standout features of this ground-breaking mattress: UNIQUE DESIGN What makes this mattress so special?


What you’ll instantly notice is that you can see through it (peek-a-boo). The mattress is made of a single mesh layer. I know what you’re wondering – is it firm? And what happens when my cheeky toddler jumps on it? All good questions!


The clever design provides a firm sleeping surface for babies. Rigorous testing has shown that the mattress can support up to 400kg without tearing. However, it is recommended for infants weighing up to 25kg. And yes, your baby can (and most likely will) jump on it – which is completely fine.

BREATHABLE Has the sleep-safety of your child kept you up at night?


The Numu-Roo has the best air-flow among all breathable mattresses. What does that even mean? Basically, the mesh design allows the carbon dioxide that your baby exhales, to disperse quickly and makes oxygen more readily available for bubs to breathe in. The design helps prevent rebreathing of exhaled air which is what makes this mattress one of the safest sleep options for kids.


BONUS – When your baby breathes better, they sleep better. Which means you will no longer be rocking the tired panda eyes.

ASTHMA & ALLERGY FRIENDLY Chemicals, animal dandruff & House Dust Mites – OH MY!


Those yucky allergens listed above, are usually lurking in our house and find a cosy spot in standard mattresses. House Dust Mites (HDM) are allergy triggers that are associated with asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis. Guess what? Those nasty critters that reproduce like crazy, cannot survive on a Numu-Roo mattress. I repeat – the Numu-Roo mesh mattress doesn’t have any volume for allergens to hang out on or in.

BONUS – The National Asthma Council Australia recommends the Numu-Roo mattress as a Sensitive Choice product for children with allergies or asthma.

EASY TO CLEAN “I love cleaning up vom/wee/poo-namis in the middle of the night” said no Mum ever!


These series of unfortunate parenting events will happen. But the less time you’re up cleaning, the better it’ll be for everyone. The mesh mattress just needs to be wiped clean and then it’s quick to dry. Ta-daaa! Job done, go back to bed.


BONUS – If your baby does spit up milk, water or whatever, on a standard mattress, they could be at risk of re-inhalation. With the Numu-Roo, the mesh design allows fluids to seep through so they aren’t pooling under or around your sleeping child.

PREVENTS OVERHEATING How many times have you stressed about your baby being too warm?


I’ve seen many Facebook Mother’s group convos about this topic. As we know, overheating is a risk factor for babies. It’s a big concern because standard mattresses are insulated and heat the baby's body from below. Fortunately, the Numu-Roo mesh design provides ventilation. This means that the temperature they feel below and above is the same, as it comes from the air in the room.


BONUS – If your concerned about comfort in the colder months, Numu-Roo have a Cotton Cot Bed Fitted Sheet which is also made of a unique mesh fabric.


Lastly, because you’re a savvy buyer – the most important info you need to know is that this mattress does come with FREE SHIPPING and AfterPay is certainly available. Are you ready to try this revolutionary breathable mattress? SHOP at Numu-Roo.




A mesh breathable baby mattress that provides the safest sleep environment for your baby.



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