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Non-toxic skincare created from Mother Nature's pantry

Have you ever read the list of ingredients on your skincare? Do you recognise them? Commercial skincare is often packed with synthetics, chemicals, silicone and other harmful nasties. Melbourne Mama – Melissa Mendes was growing increasingly frustrated about this. She decided to create a non-toxic skincare range using ingredients from Mother Nature's pantry. Ingredients that people can recognise, pronounce and more importantly, have been used for centuries. In this article, Melissa discusses why she created Bee one of a kind and how it is a natural alternative that is best for families to use.


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Written by the owner of Bee one of a kind – Melissa Mendes.


Bee one of a kind is a collection of handmade and handcrafted natural and organic skin care and food safe products made in Melbourne. It was created back in 2014.

With my background in Natural Therapies and a fierce passion for toxic free products, I set on a journey of creating non-toxic skincare which the everyday person could rely on. I was tired and frustrated with all the crap that exists in common commercial products. When I started reading the ingredients in skincare, I knew there had to be a better way for not just myself but for my friends and family. I slowly commenced looking at ways I could replace everyday products with ones that were not only non hazardous to our health, but that were also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Bee one of a kind offers simple yet beautifully designed unisex skincare with the focus on using Mother Nature's pantry. Natural ingredients have been used for centuries for a reason…they work! When it comes to making the switch from common brands to natural handmade products, you can be assured that you are not only making a better choice for your family, but you are supporting local small businesses. Every single product made by Bee one of a kind is hand measured, hand poured, hand mixed, hand sealed and essentially made with love.

Our products contain only 100% natural ingredients. That means no synthetics, no chemicals, no silicone, no fillers, no additives , no parabens or harmful nasties that get absorbed into the bloodstream and potentially cause ill health.

Bee one of a kind is made by a Melbourne Mama…and Mamas know best.



Handmade and handcrafted natural and organic skin care and food safe products made in Melbourne.


Business owner: Melissa Mendes


Fav café: Smug relish, Brunswick

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