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Jade's motherhood story – Dealing with a traumatic birth after a textbook perfect first birth.

My motherhood journey first began when I was 17 years old and fell pregnant with my first child. He was born happy and healthy and the labour could not have been more perfect. I had a natural labour with nothing but gas as pain relief. Tyler James was born on the 22/04/10 at 11am.


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I’ve been a happy and independent young mum of 1 boy until now. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Tyler’s father and I decided to go separate ways when Tyler was about 1 year old. We have a great friendship to this day and Tyler see’s his dad every 2nd weekend.


I fell pregnant with my 2nd boy around this time last year to a guy I barely knew. I was stressed, anxious and overwhelmed as I was seeing someone else at the time. As you can imagine, that threw conflict into the situation because I couldn’t narrow down who was bub's father. I had a DNA test sent out and packed it in my hospital bag for when the time arrived. I struggled a lot emotionally and felt it hard to cope at times. I felt like the world’s biggest idiot.

On the 25/07/18 at 6pm, my waters popped and I was off to hospital. Although my waters broke spontaneously unfortunately, I still had complications. It was hard to accept because with my first labour it was textbook perfect. I didn’t even consider the possibility of any complications which was very naive of me to be frank.


After 2 hours of pushing the nurses realised my contractions weren’t stopping and bub's heart rate was elevating. They inserted a device to monitor his heartbeat better (ouch, my goodness it hurt) then suddenly everything got intense. I was told that I would have to have a c-section but could stay awake. I came to terms with that and agreed.


Before I knew it all my options and preferences where thrown out the door, my placenta had ruptured and I was put straight into surgery. I was so scared on so many different levels. My emotions were running wild and I remember crying so hard because I was so scared. There must have been 10 if not 15 nurses and doctors surrounding me telling me to calm down. It was the scariest moment of my life, easily.

When I woke up I was being wheeled down a corridor, the first thing I could think was “where is my baby?" As I was pulled to a halt in my designated room everything was fuzzy but I was handed my son. I can’t express the feelings I had when our eyes first met…it was amazing. Turns out my beautiful “Cruze Levi" Was perfect in every way. Born 26/07/18 at 8am weighing 6.7 pounds.


The first 3 weeks post-surgery were intense – hard and also overwhelming. I’ve suffered trauma and anxiety issues due to how stressful the labour was. The recovery was hard also both emotionally and physically. I had all these preferences in my birth plan that I was absolutely positive about doing and having done and coming to terms with the fact that I had no control, was definitely extremely difficult for me.



I’m a casual pinup model who likes tatts, coffee, cars, camping, DIY arts and crafts. I am bubbly, down-to-earth and love meeting new people with similar interests.


Hood: Mt Evelyn


Children: 2


Motherhood in 5 words: Exhausting, Exciting, Loving, Educational and Adventurous.


Fav family friendly place: Community Markets


Coffee order: Cappuccino / Extra shot, 2 sugars



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