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Getting back to nature with Mikash Baby Skincare

When it comes to skincare these days, simple and natural are back in fashion. More people (especially mothers) are taking an interest in the ingredients that they are using on their bodies and their kid's skin. Melbourne mother of 2 – Yasemin, was gobsmacked to learn that a lot of the products that were labelled 'organic' or 'natural' were still filled with a large percentage of toxic ingredients. This discovery drove Yasemin to start researching and creating her own skincare items. From hobby to business, Yasemin shares how she is making skincare that is actually all natural.


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An interview with owner of Mikash Baby Skincare – Yasemin Deniz Giammona.


1.Why did you create Mikash Baby?

I created my business due to lack of toxin free products for myself and my children. I realised that products which were labelled ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ were not so organic or natural and instead only had a maximum of 5% of natural ingredients. All the rest of the ingredients were of toxic nature. I just could not bare to use them on myself or my children.

My mother grew up in a village and would often tell us stories of how they grew up without everyday items like shampoo and conditioner. Instead they would use clays and natural oils. I began researching. This was the beginning of years of research and experimentation. I began to use my own recipes on myself and my children and I saw fantastic results. Soon after, my friends and family were requesting my homemade, all natural, preservative free skincare. Now years later, I have developed my hobby into a brand.


2. How did Mikash Baby begin?

Family and friends were constantly telling me that I'm crazy for not putting my products out there. I never thought I was capable of running a business with 2 small children. However, reading success stories of mumpreneurs gave me the confidence to begin this journey. Beginning my business was difficult as I was reading aromatherapy books, researching clinical trials of natural ingredients and making concoctions all whilst being a mum of 2 and juggling house duties. I wanted to make products that were simple, yet effective. There were many trials and my family were happy to be the guinea pigs.

3. How does Mikash Baby make mother’s lives easier, better or brighter?

My products make mothers lives better for the reasons that they have no toxins or preservatives. When we say all natural we mean it! You will not find ingredients that you are not able to understand, therefore mothers do not need to spend time researching if the ingredients are safe or not.


4. How does it make you feel when someone buys your products?

I feel fantastic when people buy my products as I know that they are using a product that is truly going to benefit them without any harmful substances being absorbed into their bloodstream. There is an awakening happening. People are reverting to everything simple and natural and I am proud to be apart of this movement by offering my organic handmade products.

5. What is your most popular product?

My most popular hmmm… kind of hard to think as all of them are but if I had to choose by most popular feedback I'd definitely say the Baby Bottom Barrier Butter. It's extremely effective in healing rashes as we have used skin superfood raw unrefined ingredients. It is versatile as it can be used as an all-over body butter for eczema prone skin. Our I AM RADIANT facial oil is also a blessing. We've had astonishing before and after photos of dull skin coming back to life with a beaming glow – it has organic rose damascena oil which is one of the most expensive oils in the world.


6. What’s the most common frequently-asked-question about Mikash Baby?

Are your ingredients from overseas? Fortunately, all of our ingredients and packaging are locally sourced supporting local farmers and businesses. We are proudly Australian made and can be found on their website.

7. Describe one thing mamas would be surprised about from behind-the-scenes of Mikash Baby.

I secretly Rap! When my husband is at work and the kids are napping, I'll clean the house or catch up on emails and I always rap – I know its crazy. And I love gardening. I love to plant organic seedlings and sing to them.


8. What aspect about Mikash Baby do you love the most?

I love hand crafting my products. when an order comes through I hand make each and every product from scratch each bottle is hand poured by me. This is the aspect I love the most. It brings me great joy to know people are using a product I have made with love.

9. When you're not in biz mode, what do you love doing?

I absolutely love to bake. I love cooking and creating foods that wow my family. I also love long drives most weekends with my family visiting the amazing farms in outer Melbourne region and buying fresh produce from them.


10. Any exciting plans for 2018?

We have plans to expand our business with more products and stockists, that way people can see and purchase the products in person.



Organic handmade skincare for adults, baby & pregnancy.


Business owner: Yasemin Deniz Giammona


Fav café: Alminentari in Fitzroy

Coffee order: Large Cappuccino with 1 sugar extra chocolate on top.


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