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Ethical shopping for kids made easier with Peach Gallery

We now live in a world we can no longer ignore the harmful effects of fast fashion, unethical manufacturing practices and environmental costs. After facing a challenging health journey, Melbourne mum – Mary, decided to make some big consumer changes. Through her thirst for knowledge and quest for ethical items, Mary decided to create a one-stop-shop of curated kids and babies clothes and accessories that tick the sustainable living boxes. Peach Gallery was born and shopping ethically for your kids has never been so easy. Learn more about Mary's incredible story about why she embarked on this biz journey.


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An interview with owner of Peach Gallery – Mary Koutoukidis.


1.Why did you create Peach Gallery?

My family has had an interesting health journey over the last few years. Each of us has health challenges ranging from little niggles, to severe allergies. Things had to change when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016 after years of ill health. My quest for my family was to do everything we could to be the healthiest and happiest we possibly could.


Along with other lifestyle changes, we embarked on a steep education on the ill effects of mainstream consumer products we were using and the unethical practices used to produce them. Ethical clothing is not always high on many people’s agenda but knowledge is key and it’s hard to ignore the fact that chemical use in the fast fashion industry is largely unregulated, the poor working conditions for employees and the massive environmental impact.


Peach Gallery is my way of supporting the slowing down of fashion and bringing awareness to the amazing brands doing such great things in the clothing industry for kids. Plus, I adore the freedom and quirkiness in kid's fashion!


(N.B – I’m happy to say our little family are all living well now with such greater awareness in the choices we make to look after ourselves).


2. How did Peach Gallery begin?

As a self-proclaimed professional Googler, I'm always looking for fresh brands and ethical products for my kids. I wanted to make it easy and put them all in one place! I started Peach Gallery just over 6 months ago and have worked through the challenges to create a store I’m really proud of and hope to take into the future to reach as many people as I can with our ethos.

3. How does Peach Gallery make mother’s lives easier, better or brighter?

It’s enlightening knowing where your clothing is coming from – given the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, with many companies we regularly shop from in Australia also contributing to unfair working conditions of employees in other countries. I wanted to create a store where ethical brands can shine and as a customer you know where your child’s clothing is coming from and that these brands are doing their best to look after your child’s health, the environment and their workers. All of this and not compromise on style is my ethos!


4. How does it make you feel when someone buys your products?

I get the warm and fuzzies from providing a service that is resonating with so many people in such a positive and empowering way. It’s so great to see people exploring our ethical brands and loving the unique products we have on offer.


5. What is your most popular product?

In 2017, Peach Gallery introduced some new brands to the Australian Market. One of these being Little Man Happy from Germany which received such a great response. With such a unique aesthetic, this brand is produced from mainly GOTS certified organic cotton and is such amazing quality. Last season we saw bat, fang and magic cat prints and this season is all about adventurous hearts. Mini Rodini is also an absolute cult favourite with such quirky designs and visibly the most sustainable brand I have come across for kids.

6. What’s the most common frequently-asked-question about Peach Gallery?

It’s usually how to I do it all on my own? That’s easy – when you love what you do you make the time to do it and you do it with joy. Plus, I have an awesome IT guy – my husband Dean.


7. Describe one thing mamas would be surprised about from behind-the-scenes of Peach Gallery.

I work from a small home office that is shared with Lego and kids artwork– it’s amazing what you can do with a small amount of space.


8. What aspect about Peach Gallery do you love the most?

I love kids fashion and am a stickler for style, quality and ethics. I get such a buzz from finding brands that fit the bill.

9. When you're not in biz mode, what do you love doing?

I love to hang with my two girls Sienna and Arabella – regular holidays keep an amazing connection together for our little family. I enjoy cooking and creating from whatever seasonal produce I have in the fridge, hanging with friends and am partial to a good book, (minimum 3 partially read books always at my bedside). Oh and coffee is life!


10. Any exciting plans for 2018?

I’m so excited to be introducing new brands to Peach Gallery this year. We’ll also be travelling to the USA for business and a lot of pleasure.



Kids and Babies online store focusing on organic and sustainable clothing and accessories.


Business owner: Mary Koutoukidis


Fav café: St Rose Essendon and Particle Café Avondale Heights.

Coffee order: Almond Latte (Almond Milk Co rocks!).


[email protected]


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