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Enjoy me-time with free digital books

Calling all book lovers to the blog post. Love a juicy tale? Keen on that 'the suspense is killing me' feel? Or perhaps you're a good old non-fiction type of gal? Whatever tickles ya fancy, Melbourne author, Christine Meunier is sharing how you can snap up FREE digital books. Who knows, it could lead to the start of a beautiful friendship with an author you never knew existed. Plus, ummm – FREE! Keep your pretty pennies and treat your eyeballs to some new reads – including Christine's horse books that are educational and entertaining and written for adults and children.


HOOD MAMA SPECIAL – Enjoy two of Christine Meunier's books for free on Kindle – New Beginnings (Free Rein #1) for 8 – 12 year olds and New Blood (Thoroughbred Breeders #1) for adults. Offer valid until 24.02.18. Join the hood with Motherhood Melbourne for more goodies.


Written by Melbourne author – Christine Meunier.


Although free time to read can be far and few between raising young ones, it’s important to have an outlet to relax – and learn. I love free books that I can download onto the Kindle app on my phone.

Whatever the topics may be for you – romance, business or autobiographies, you too can find free books to download and read on your phone or Kindle as time allows. I love that you don’t need a bookmark, the application will remember where you’re up to and you can pick up where you left off – even if it is days or weeks later!

So how do you consistently acquire free books? Well believe it or not, there are always free books from some author or other. This could be from a promotion that an author has going to get more readers or because their book is consistently free. So here’s how to get your free books:

1. Head along to and do a search on your favourite term.

2. Refine your results. Choose the Kindle store first. Then refine the search further by sorting it from price low to high.

3. Scroll through all of the results and start downloading any that appeal to you that are free.

I tend to do this once a month and download many more than I can comfortably read in the next month. This is a great way to consistently increase my available books to read. And the best bit? It costs me nothing more than my time to search and choose what appeals to me. I have discovered some great authors this way, been entertained and even learned a thing or two!

Books are great for busy mums – they don’t get offended if you can only read a chapter (or a paragraph) at a time. And for those of you that are on your phone on the Kindle app, chances are you can read them any time you find yourself with a few minutes to spare.

Being able to escape into an entertaining story can be a great way to relax – even if only for a short time. Not only can books be a chance for you to take a break as a mother, they can also provide much needed guidance on many topics of life – finances, health, raising children, etc. This avid book fan believes you cannot go wrong with free books at your disposal.


For those who are happy to be entertained in the world of horse fiction, I encourage you to check out my books. I write horse books because my background is in breeding racehorses, instructing riding and teaching students about the equine industry. I love to be able to create books that are educational and entertaining.

If you have young ones, then perhaps they may be interested in my Free Rein series for 8 – 12 year olds. If you’re looking for an adult series to get stuck into, then I have written the Thoroughbred Breeders series and a few standalone novels. And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited user, then you can access and read any of my books for free. Why not check out a new Australian author? I’d love to help you relax with a good book.


Happy reading mamas!



Christine writes horse books that are educational and entertaining.


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