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How you can achieve big things by dreaming little


In a world where everyone tells you to dream BIG, Lisa Burling shares with us in her new book, the importance of dreaming little.

Do you want more out of life? Despite knowing that this niggling desire won’t go away, you just can’t seem to make it happen. The enormity of the change and sacrifice involved to achieve this can appear to be too big. What if there was a way you can make those dreams a reality? Without the overwhelm? That’s what Lisa Burling dishes up in her book Dream A Little Dream. It’s an inspiring true-story that’s intertwined with practical tips.


This post is kindly sponsored by LBPR and honestly reviewed and written by Holly Brunnbauer – Chief Mama of Motherhood Melbourne.​

Dream A Little Dream is written by award-winning Australian entrepreneur, businesswoman and Mum of two – Lisa Burling. I’ve reviewed this book so you can decide if it can help you achieve your dreams. Go get em’ Mama!


Lisa Burling put her successful career in publicity on hold as she embraced her new found role in motherhood. During this time her relationship with her partner was beginning to unravel. It was only 48 hours after the birth of their 2nd son, she found herself in an unexpected place – Mum of two boys, single and unemployed.

In this pivotal moment, Lisa digs deep to view the situation with an optimistic lens. Rather than falling into a heap (like many of us would), Lisa decided that it was time for a new beginning and that she was going to start dreaming up a better life for her and her boys.

Lisa shares how courage, gumption and the ‘dream little’ approach helps her to reach some mighty impressive goals such as building a thriving business and building her dream house.

Here’s some thought-provoking parts of Lisa’s story:


Are you financially secure if you had to face motherhood alone?

Motherhood can be all-consuming. Especially in those younger years when we’re finding our groove and in a constant state of survival-mode. As we know, motherhood is an unpaid job and the valuable skills we acquire don’t seem to translate well on a resume.

Something really struck a chord with me in Lisa’s story about how motherhood can put us in a vulnerable financial position. Despite the hours we put in, if we separate from a working (and the only paid) partner, we can be left in what can only be described as a shitty situation.


In Dream A Little Dream, Lisa shows how she tackles her career pause and finds a way to build up her financial security again. It's inspiring to read how Lisa moves on to own a highly successful, award-winning, six-figure PR consultancy – LBPR. You'll find yourself doing air-fists to celebrate Lisa's triumphs to break the mould that many single mothers are unfairly put into.


What help do you need to achieve your little dreams? Who could you ask for help?

We know it takes a village and yet we often feel a sense of shame in asking for help. Lisa has to work through these feelings as finds herself suddenly relying on government payments and the hospitality of her parents. Going from working in senior, global PR roles and earning a 6-figure salary, to this position had Lisa asking herself “How did I get here?”

What Lisa demonstrates brilliantly is the importance of asking for help to reach our little dreams. She also removes the stigma around it by viewing it as temporary helping hand.


Are you all talk and no action?


Dreams – big or small are lovely and all but taking action and bringing them to life is where the real magic happens. Lisa goes through how she lines up each little dream and then triumphantly knocks them down. There’s no sugar coating though, even some of the little dreams took months and years to tick off.

What this book does well is marry the real-life story with reflection questions, practical templates and inspiring quotes. It moves you from being a little dreamer to a little doer. And for those who are left wanting more, you can access further go-getter resources and tools from the Dream A Little Dream Project™.

Dream A Little Dream by Lisa Burling is a must-read if you’re on the cusp of making life-changing moves. If it’s all feeling too big to face and the overwhelm is paralysing, Lisa’s story will resonate and motivate you to take the little steps to achieve your dream. I would personally and highly recommend this book to Mums who need to be invigorated or guided to change their lives and have what they truly deserve, want and need.



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