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Christine's motherhood story – Every day is a new day

Christine's motherhood story

I am a very blessed mother of two children – a 3 year old daughter and a 17 month old son. I am so very lucky in that my husband works part time and is home 4 days a week with me. This makes the task easier, I believe. That said, every parent’s journey is different and has its challenges.


One particular day hubby was at work and I was working hard to get my children out the door so we could attend our typical morning event that runs from 10am – 11.30. Then we get home, have lunch and (hopefully) the two go down for a sleep. I thrive on routine and love that the 3 days my hubby works, we have an activity at 10am for the kids and consistently get home in time for lunch and a nap (the kids, not me) before I have to start thinking about dinner.


However, getting out the door on this day was proving to be difficult. My kids were dragging their feet and my son had wet through his nappy and the bed! Suddenly I had an unplanned load of washing. Still, we got out the door just on time whilst the washing was scheduled to start an hour later. I just missed out on the cup of coffee I was keen to have and that the kettle had been boiled for.


After our music session for that day we got home and did our usual lunch routine. I was already mentally determining what I could achieve whilst both kids were down for an hour or so. And so they were put to bed and I settled down on my computer to work on one of my novels. But, the next hour was full of interruptions as the kids refused to sleep and caused each other discomfort and giggles instead.


Although I thrive on routine, I know as a parent it’s so important to be flexible. And it’s just as important to not lose your cool if the day doesn’t go as planned. A desire to play instead of sleep meant we had to rearrange priorities. My story was put on the backburner and instead I took the kids outside to play in our backyard. The compost needed turning and was on my list of things to do, so I did this whilst the kids played in their cubby house and tottered around our lawn.


An hour later I thought I would try the nap thing again. It helped that my son was showing typical signs of wanting to sleep. So inside I went with him, washed his hands and put him to bed. One down!


Back outside to the daughter (did I mention she’s being toilet trained currently?). Before we went outside I did the obligatory put her on the toilet and encouraged her to go. She did – good girl!


Yet still, amazingly whilst playing outside she decided she must go again. But she didn’t want to stop playing. Now we’re not just talking wet underwear and clothes. I hadn’t realised as we headed inside that she had already gone, but I once again encouraged her to go to the toilet before bed. And this is when she told me "you shouldn’t poo in your clothes, mum." Uh oh!


Perhaps I should just be thankful that child number two is already soundly asleep whilst I deal with child number one. So I cleaned her up, washed her down and then redressed for bed before tending to her disgusting clothes!


And as always, sometimes things just happen. By the time she was down and asleep, child number two has had his powernap and was ready to play.


On the days like this when I achieve nothing for myself it can be particularly trying. But honestly, each day is a new day and it’s important to learn to be flexible as a parent. When something isn’t working, it’s ok to try something else – and you can still get things done (like compost!). It’s important to be gracious towards our children when things don’t go as we plan, anticipate or even take time to teach them something new. But it’s also important to give ourselves a break when we lose our cool and get frustrated at the day’s events. Take a breath and remind yourself, tomorrow is a new day.




I am a person who lives with lists and goal setting – even if it includes the number of loads of washing I’ll need to do in a week! I am passionate about horses and have travelled to work with them, study them and have worked particularly in North East Victoria breeding racehorses before moving onto teaching about horses at TAFE. Now I am a stay at home mum who is blessed to be able to incorporate her love of writing, reading, horses and the Christian faith into self-published books.


Hood: Wangaratta


Children: 2


Motherhood in 5 words: Incredible, challenging, much grace needed!


Fav family-friendly place: Any McDonald’s with an enclosed playground.


Coffee order: Chai latte


Biz: Christine Meunier, Author

I write horse books that are educational and entertaining for children and for adults.




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