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Chilly Towel – A unique instant cooling towel that is dry to touch

It's hard to keep cool during pregnancy or when you're breastfeeding and other phases of motherhood. Often you'll grab the good ol' trusty flannel and then find that your clothes, sheets or couch are drenched. Melbourne business woman – Tara Lock has come up with the perfect solution. Chilly Towel is a unique towel that feels cool to the skin while staying dry to touch for hours. This innovative product came about from Tara's experience of Chemotherapy treatment and the uncomfortable side-effect of overheating. Once Tara survived her battle with cancer, she made it her mission to help those who suffer from overheating due to a medical condition, fevers, menopause or bad circulation. Chilly Towel has proved to be a useful product for so many and helps not only adults but also babies and children to stay cool.


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An interview with owner of Chilly Towel – Tara Lock


The idea

I was diagnosed with Cancer in April 2015. I underwent chemotherapy treatment and I was extremely pleased to say I fought the cancer battle and won! The most debilitating effects from my Chemotherapy treatment however have been the overheating throughout the day and night.


Whilst I was ill, one of the symptoms I experienced was night sweats, which I understood is common in several cancers, but I am still experiencing this. I am also suffering from nerve damage in my hands and feet which has caused bad circulations. Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I was looking for a product that I could use to stay cool at the gym. I tried and tested various fabrics and was able to source the “Chilly Towel”.


Biz beginnings I had always wanted to start my own business as I’d completed diplomas in various courses related to business management and courses in importing. I’ve also had experience in manager roles in the sales industry, which gave me leadership skills.

Making mother’s lives better n' brighter

Chilly Towel is ideal for mums and expecting mothers, when overheating throughout pregnancy. It provides a cooling relief during labour and also in warm weather. Nursing mothers benefit from the towel to assist keeping cool whist feeding their baby. We also have a bubs + tots towel which is a great aid in helping reduce your little one’s temp when overheating and on hot days.

Customer love

It’s so rewarding when a customer purchases from the Chilly Towel range. No matter what they are using the towel for, I know it will assist the customer in keeping them cool.


Most popular product

At present our products are all the same just different in colour. We have two sizes available for adults and also for infants. The towel is popular to all ages and is used for so many uses related to overheating, illness, indoor and outdoor activities and travel.



Customers are intrigued by the product and often will ask us how does it stay so cool?

The hyper evaporative fibres retain a high volume of water, which creates the chilling effect and at the same time it stays dry, so it won’t saturate your clothing or bed linens.



People would be surprise the amount of time that goes into an online business. An online business is a 24 hour a day job, through admin to packing orders. There is a lot of man power that goes on that nobody really sees.

Biz love

The best aspect of this business is the amount of people who follow us on Facebook and Instagram. It’s so nice communicating with customers who share their stories with us.

Also knowing the product is helping so many people. It’s so rewarding when we receive feedback from customers, especially those going through cancer treatments who suffer from debilitating overheating.



When not in business mode, I like to take time out for the family. Being my own business, like many others it consumes most of your time.


Future plans

2018 is an exciting year as we are in the process of new products being designed and manufactured all related to overheating issues.



Cooling towel products for babies, kids and adults.


Business owner: Tara Lock


[email protected]


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