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Bianca's motherhood story – A new perspective on life


Motherhood has shaped me, has given me purpose and meaning, but most of all it has forced me to rise higher than I have ever before. My whole outlook and perspective on life shifted the moment I had our first daughter Aria in 2014.


I need to paint the picture for you all, because whom you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually see now, is not who I was 3 years ago. I was a conformer, a Nego-Nancy, I was extremely closed off to new possibilities, pessimistic, miserable, unfulfilled, and my happiness relied within the gift of material objects.

When I say, “I changed when I became a mum”, I literally mean a switch was flicked internally, just like a caterpillar is within a cocoon, to then transform into a beautiful butterfly. A caterpillar does not know that it will emerge as a butterfly after a certain time within it’s cocoon and nor did I know that after 9 months of carrying my first child, to the day she was born, my whole life would change forever!


I don’t mean the cliché mum stuff that we all experience. All the stuff that I was warned about repeatedly by other mothers like sleep deprivation, lack of time, breastfeeding theories, which swaddle to use, how to have the most efficient shower with the least distraction, baby sleep routines, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I’m talking about viewing the world through a completely different lens.

The Bianca I knew and thought I loved before was lost forever. I yearned for her back immensely, hence my journey to finding me again began, and the truth was revealed. The truth was that the Bianca I was before was never actually the real me, or so I have discovered. I had to dig deep into who I actually was, to join all the pieces of the ME puzzle back together.


As a result of experiencing what I now know to be Post Natal Depression (a dark and foggy time in my life), it actually had the greatest impact on me. Upon reflection it was the most beautiful and amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. To us! That moment where my husband sat me down and said, “Bianca, I think you need help” are words that I will forever remember the echo of. I was an externally superficial person (AND I still take pride in what I look like to this day!), but I honestly thought that if I lost my baby weight (10kgs) I would be fixed and all would be back to normal. I was so wrong about that. I know this because I did that, PLUS more!

I reached out to a beautiful friend, who invited me down to be supported by a unique community. I made a decision to experience a Herbalife Nutrition Program as a way to regain that confidence I was looking for, back in my body. I went on to lose 19kgs, cleared up some chronic digestive issues and completely reshaped my body. I looked better now than what I did on my wedding day almost 5 years ago. So you could imagine I was pretty impressed. BUT there was still something missing.


This is the part of the story where we GET REAL! I was always looking to improve myself; I just commenced the journey thinking this was only going to be a physical transformation, not knowing what else was going to be uncovered. But what I soon realized was it was not just about what I looked like in the mirror, all that actually mattered was how I felt in my heart and mind, about ME! I learned to love my whole self again and I did that by working on me, mentally and spiritually.

Everything is a choice, this is life’s greatest truth and it’s hardest lesson! I chose to find and be internally happy, which now shines bright externally. “Learn to master the moment of decision and you will live a life uncommon”. Happiness is home and HOME is you. I had to accept that the slate was clean and that I could write the next chapter a little bit differently, no one else could do it for me. So I leapt and I went to work harder on myself than I did anything else.


I opened my mind and my heart, I learnt off and listened to others, I read and continue to read personal development books, I attend weekly mindset sessions, I run mindset sessions and I put my self in scenarios that make me uncomfortable, which in turn cause me to grow as a person. I believe in and receive soulful healings and I look at every person and every situation with love and absolute gratitude. How can I not, when my lowest moment yet the moment I’m most grateful for, has provided me with a platform to be the true me, impact other mums through my journey and story and has provided me with meaningful purpose.

What I am saying, is that we all have sliding door moments. Imagine I allowed this moment to slip by and I went deeper into the hole, unaware of the light I could experience? The whole course of my life would be completely different, if I wasn’t aware! Perhaps Valencia, my second beautiful daughter wouldn’t even be thought of. What I know for sure is, as a result of experiencing what I did as I stepped into motherhood initially; I was able to carry that wisdom and mindfulness into my second pregnancy and birth to Valencia and now parenting, life and my career.


Most of all, my calling would not have been revealed, and the Feel Good Mama project would not have come to life. This project wakes me up every morning, it allows me to connect with mums on a deep level; by showing them how to regain their confidence back, guiding them to focus on the feeling versus a number on the scale, how to regain the strength back mentally through mindset and positive association and how to be that independent, self-loving, strong woman that is inside of us all, if we choose for her to emerge.


I am always looking for the next Bianca, that is ready to leap, learn, embrace and impact every woman around her, to light the way for them to be their best versions and fall in love with themselves all over again!




I am the light and love in a room. I love connecting with other like-minded families over food! I am obsessed with making an impact in other mum’s lives through health, mindset and opportunity. I enjoy watching trashy TV shows, although it’s not my first option these days. I absolutely LOVE listening to music, and every so often (once a year) you’ll find me on the D-Floor busting the goodness out!


Hood: Keilor East


Children: 2 girls.


Motherhood in 5 words: Messy, Raw, Life-Changing, Soul Filling, Challenging.


Fav family friendly place: The Playshed Café in Thomastown.


Coffee order: No Coffee (LOL)! Boiling Water for my Herbie (Herbalife) Tea.


Biz: Feel Good Mama


Showing mamas the possibilities in health and opportunity through Herbalife International.




This is a place where you can connect with Melbourne mothers to share the good, the bad and the topics that we don't talk about but really need to.


Join the hood.


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