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Best online jobs for stay-home mums

The rise of ‘WFH’ (Work From Home) culture has opened the floodgate of flexible, remote opportunities extremely suitable for mums who want to get back into workforce or pick up some gigs for extra income but still want to be home to spend time with their family.


Thanks to many innovative online platforms, hiring and being hired has never been easier. Not all opportunities, however, are the same. With such innovation comes competition and certain skill sets seem to be more ‘profitable’ than others.


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Here’s a list of best remote roles Mums could take on.

Bookkeeping If you have any previous accounting or bookkeeping experience, your transition to working remotely will be a lot easier. As this is a specialised skill set, you can easily find full-time positions with competitive salary packages. You can also do consultative work especially for entrepreneurs who need to understand better how to manage and track their expenses.


This could be a lucrative gig and there are many employers willing to be flexible in terms of hours or working environments to attract the best talents. Now, don’t worry if you don’t have previous experience or Accounting credits. Due to the surplus demand, even first-timers are often welcome as long as they have gotten the required training and certifications.


Check out the bookkeeping courses and programmes you can sign up for.

Market Research Research is also a lucrative field which now is often being outsourced to freelancers. On the lower end, the assignments may be more related to data-entry where you find publicly available information on the web and put it into a table. But you will also find opportunities related to research for nonprofit grant applications, market or customer research, technology research, travel planning, and academic publications.


You can gain leverage over time by offering to do highly-sought after assignments at a much lower rate so you can build you portfolio. Certain sites, such as Upwork, will enable clients to proactively approach freelancers based on their specific experience and portfolio, which in turn makes your life easier.

As these deliverables are highly customised, you can work with the client to clearly define the scope, timeline, and budget.


You will get to get in-depth knowledge about a wide variety of topics for sure.


Freelance Writer Blog is a thing and now bloggers are looking for ghost writers to help manage their growing social media presence and thus expanding need for content.


The good thing about freelance writing gigs is that you can build your portfolio even without having previous experience. Having published articles in the past does help tremendously but it’s definitely not a deal-breaker.


If you are a naturally creative or eloquent writer, you can pick a topic and write an article in order to showcase your skills to your future employers. You can also start your own blog empire if you dare.

There is no shortage of writing jobs, both long-term and short-term. Check out Upwork and Writers Work.

Virtual Assistant VAs have been exploding at least partially due to the booming of global startups who can’t afford and do not need full-time executive assistants. In addition, VA roles can vary greatly. Some simply look for assistance with administrative tasks such as scheduling; however, some look for more sophisticated individuals who can manage projects, write content, and also proactively contribute based on his or her skills and interests.


They are often paid per hour (and the rates are normally very fair) and negotiable after a trial period.


The possible downside of this is that you’re more likely have to commit consistent hours (which you would have some say in determining) per week since you’ll be supporting people during business hours.


You can find these gigs on Upwork, LinkedIn, or Indeed.

Teaching English / Online Tutor We now can have education be delivered digitally. However, learning is still considered to be very much human-centered experience. Students and parents from across the globe can now be connected to passionate, trustworthy educators anywhere else in the world. There are many platforms that connect young children or adults in Asia with teachers from English-speaking countries such as Australia.


Teaching English doesn’t require any specific skills other than being a native speaker. Other tutoring gigs could have other required credentials as the subjects might require more expertise or experience. You can also help create educational materials for these platforms as well if you do not want to necessarily teach.


You’d likely start at around $15 AUD per hour during a trial period before reaching up to $25 hourly rate.


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