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10 best baby buys to help you rock motherhood

"Back in my day, we didn't have these fancy thing-a-ma-jigs." Is what your well meaning Aunty Helen will say as you're preparing to welcome a new baby into the world. And she's right. Aunty Helen and her pals weren't as lucky as we are when it comes to products that help with modern motherhood. There's so many goodies out there designed to help you rock motherhood.


Lovely Lucy from Baby Berry Collective is going to take you through the ones you need to know about. Plus, she's a total sweetheart and has scored an exclusive discount for each one mentioned. Let's be friends with Lucy yeah? Whether you're about to jump into motherhood for the first or 5th time, you'll be sure to "ohhh" and "ahhh" over one of the genius inventions below.


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Written by Lucy Green – owner of Baby Berry Collective.


Deciding what to you need to buy when you're having a baby can be tough. Everyone has an opinion and they all have their favourite products.


Of course you need the basics – the bassinet/cot, the pram, the car seat etc that’s a given. You’ll also find you have no shortage when it comes to clothes (people LOVE to give you clothes whether its buying you newbies or passing on hand me downs).


But what about those other bits and pieces that you don’t really know about… because, well, you’re a new Mum! How would you?! You’ll find you’ll discover loads of amazing products along the way. The ones to help your baby sleep, or give a little relief when they’re teething (and trust me, that can start early, my boy was 3.5 months old!).


But today I thought I’d give you a few of my favourites. You see, after running Baby Berry Collective for 5 years now, I feel like I know a thing or two about brilliant baby products!


So here are my top 10 products for new mums… And yip, they’re all from the amazing businesses who list on the Baby Berry Collective directory. Fancy checking out the directory?


1. Koala Hugs Wrap

A must for your snuggly cute-as-can-be newborn. You want them to feel safe and secure.


The Koala Hugs wrap cocoons your baby’s arms in hidden pockets to gently calm their startle reflex and prevent tiny hands from escaping the wrap. Koala Hugs makes it simple for anyone, including first-time parents, to wrap a perfectly inescapable wrap for sleep time. The Koala Hugs is not only clever, created from soft, breathable cotton and generously sized (120cm by 120cm), the amazing bold prints and colours make a style statement and will keep you look stylishly cool and your baby snug.


From Baby Loves Sleep – $49.95

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘BABYBERRY’ for 15% off.


2. Sleepyhugs Sleep Suit

Perfect for once your newborn has mastered the art of breaking out of the swaddle (it’ll happen!)

Sleepyhugs is your answer to the Swaddle Transition! The new revolutionary sleep suit that’s helping babies transition from the swaddle wrap to full arm movement. Helping them cope better with the ‘startle reflex’ and helping them sleep better and longer, giving baby the much needed sleep they require to develop. Oh, and gives parents back their sleep. The Sleepy Hugs sleep suit has been designed to allow your baby to move their arms freely while still providing an enclosed, secure feeling that they enjoy. It is designed as a totally enclosed sleep suit but with a slight resistance in the arms so that they can move their arms around freely yet gives them that ‘edge’ feeling. So, when they experience a startle reflex, they immediately feel secure.


From Baby Loves Sleep – $54.95

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘BABYBERRY’ for 15% off


3. Pramrolla

When you need help getting your baby to sleep. You can rock-a-bye-baby without having to push the pram!

The inside pram-ride. The baby sleep aid that uses the tried and proven method of motion to help get your baby off to sleep, without you needing to go anywhere or do anything. The Pramrolla is a simple, yet ingenious device that creates the sensation of motion felt by a baby in a moving pram – all from a stationary position. If you’re having issues with a cat napper or precious little bundle who just won’t sleep then this could be the device for you! Simple to set up and compatible with any 3 or 4 wheel full size pram. Comes with a 14 day money back guarantee.


From Pramrolla – $99.95

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘BBCollect’ for 10% off


4. Cozigo

When you want to block out distractions to help get baby to sleep – whether that be a pram or even those airline bassinets!

CoziGo is an award winning Safe Sleep Cover, for peaceful naps on the go. CoziGo fits all strollers, prams and airline bassinets. Enjoy your parenting journey whilst keeping baby happy! 100% breathable & air permeable – your baby will breathe comfortably and never overheat. Improves baby sleep by up to 500% – blocks 97% of light and all distractions so your baby will fall asleep fast and for longer. Excellent sun protection – 50+ UVP so your little one will always be protected from the dangers of the sun. Cross flow ventilation – The unique dome shape allows your bundle of joy to have a nice refreshing breeze with plenty of kick space. Easy to use – pop, clip & go in seconds and packs into a small bag quickly. Two-way zippers – on each side so you can open one or both allowing your baby or toddler to see the world go by, protected by the sun no matter what direction it’s coming from and you have easy access to your precious cargo.


From Cozigo – $99.95

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘BABYBERRY’ for 10% off


5. Waterproof Baby Carrier

If you love the water and want to take your baby in with you.

Frog Orange loves family adventures, fresh sea air & sunny days, so they designed Australia’s first ever high quality wetsuit baby carrier to make outdoor activities with babes fun, safe and easy. Perfect for outdoor at the beach and indoor at the pools too. 100% high quality neoprene (wetsuit material). Super safe & easy to put on. Keeps bub safe & warm in water. Keeps your hands free to aid stability. Adjustable straps & quick release safety buckles. Two face-to-face carry positions. Ergonomic “M” position seat. Comes in a mesh carry bag.


From Frog Orange – $129

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘babyberryfreegift’ for a free hat with purchase.


6. Banjo Kippin Organic Cotton Cuddly Blankie

Helping to settle your little one at night time.

At Camp Kip, a campfire sways to the sound of a song. Banjo Kippin sings the stories of forever and before – the KippinTales. Banjo is a cuddly koala baby comforter who loves to share a KippinTale or two. Natural off-white base with a dark and light green gum leaf print with brown gum nuts and celestial details. Solid grey reverse. Say hello to a calm and cuddly nap-time with their organic cotton friends that are made from lightweight, breathable organic cotton made with no nasties and no fuzzies! A modern comforter for change-making babes!


Kippins cuddle blankies are part of the perfect nap-time story. Sustainably produced with pure, soft organic cotton, they are safe to chew and love!


From Kippins – $35.95

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘BABYBERRY15’ for 15% off


7. Waterproof Sheet Protector

Because accidents happen and you don’t want to have to change the sheets at midnight.

Night time accidents are a normal part of growing up. But now you can say goodbye to stripping the entire bed and hello to quick and EASY changes. To use, place the Bed Mate ON TOP of the bottom sheet and tuck the wings in underneath the mattress to hold it securely in place. Your child sleeps directly on top of the Bed Mate. When an accident occurs, simply pull the Bed Mate off and your sheets remain perfectly dry. Bed Mates are an eco friendly and safe alternative to reusable sheet protectors. They are proudly non-toxic and completely free from PVC, phthalates, lead and formaldehyde making them the safest option for your baby or child’s sensitive skin. They are 100% waterproof, highly absorbent and also breathable ensuring that your child gets a comfortable night’s sleep. And best of all, Bed Mates go straight into the washing machine and dryer! Perfect to be used on the bed but can also be used in the pram, cot, couch, floor or anywhere that an accident might occur!


From The Midnight Gang – $49.95

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘BABYBERRY15’ for 15% off


8. Playmat

Perfect for tummy time & playtime.

These luxurious mats are soft, supple and perfect for play time. Built with microsuede and layered with durable and environmentally friendly, non-toxic tree rubber ensures comfort, safety and lasting enjoyment. An essential item that has years of use for children of all ages. Whether its baby’s tummy time, pre-schoolers building blocks or reading nook for older kids; Haylo Kids Mats have you and your little ones covered.


From Haylo Kids – $140

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘babyberry20’ for 20% off


9. Pram organiser

Literally has everything you’ll need when you’re out with the pram.

Head out and about with your pram and have everything you need at your fingertips. Touch-sensitive phone window; enclosed phone pocket with touch-sensitive window and headphone access point. Now you can answer a call or text without even needing to take the phone out.


Attaches to any pram – with their easy-to-use velcro straps can attach to any pram with a single cross-bar.

Keep everything you need close at hand; clever storage sections for bottles, nappies and everything else you need when out walking with your baby.


Easy to clean; PVC lined compartments mean that spills and messes are easily wiped away.


From Puggle Baby Australia – $49.95

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘BABYBERRY25’ for 25% off


10. Personalised Teether

So you know which one is yours at all those play dates!

Teething can come on fast and you want to have something for your little one to chew on that’s safe and helps those teeth. You can personalise your Silicone Name teether with bub’s name to create the most stylish, practical and modern keepsake for your little one.


From One.Chew.Three – $26.95

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – use codeword ‘BABYBERRY10’ for 10% off



Discover boutique baby, kids and mama stores all in the one place and enjoy exclusive discounts.


Business owner: Lucy Green

Lucy is a busy mum of 2 kids – a son at prep and daughter at 3 year old kinder. She’s a kiwi living in Melbourne (7 years now) and she started Baby Berry Collective because she wanted a hub for parents who were looking for great places to shop!


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