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Adding colour to your bedroom with Siesta Home

Want to add colour in your bedroom the right way? Joh Lyle, the owner of Melbourne based bedding company – Siesta Home, has a few tips to help you create a colourful space. After retiring from an Olympic career, Joh wanted to pursue her passion for interior styling and creating beautifully luxe, heart warming spaces. The mother of 2 was inspired after she renovated her Melbourne family home. Joh naturally gravitates towards colours, patterns and prints and loves to inspire people to have fun and experiment with their bedding too. Find out how you can create dreamy and colourful bedroom.


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Written by Joh Lyle – Owner of Siesta Home.


Introducing colour into your own home is a great way to add a punch of personality into your space. Colours are very aligned with feelings and moods, and the right ones can even lift your spirits and put you in a more positive mindset! You can use colours in ways to suit your own interior style for your bedroom, making the chore of changing the sheets into a fun way to get creative and dress up your space.

Smaller items first

Let’s first start with the smaller items first, such as your pillowcases and or a throw. These are easier and less expensive to replace and it’s a great way to start adding a pop of colour to your bedroom if you’re a first-time colour user.

Mixing colours


I am a lover of mixing different colours in bedding. It can be easy to change and rearrange to your own liking. I suggest introducing your main colour(s) first like the colour blocking technique (solid colour over pattern and texture). My tip would be to plan your use of colour before making your purchase. You can take inspiration for colour from a painting or a piece of furniture you already have in your bedroom and use that colour in your duvet. Now you have your solid colour you can now layer with different tones of those colours or texture by adding velvet pillowcases, and or linen pillowcases to the mix.


Play with colour


If you want to take it one step further, you can mix different colours together like I love to do. It’s totally up to the individual and you can play around with it – trust yourself and don’t be afraid. Colour is fun and makes a space look happy, so have fun and play around with it. It also makes changing the family’s bedlinen a lot more enjoyable. You can get in touch with your creative side and create a space worthy of a magazine spread (or Instagram!).

Adding colour to your bedroom with Siesta Home

Create a mood


Make your bedroom an inviting room in your home by using colour which creates an instant mood as soon as you enter it. Try using duvet covers, pillowcases and cushions that can be mixed and matched to suit your home's interiors. Siesta Home’s collections are designed with this in mind – we encourage people to match their moods with our bed sheets, so our ranges are designed to be mixed and matched to create unique colour combinations. We believe that the simple act of changing your sheets can bring about a positive and refreshing energy to your bedroom. And who doesn’t love fresh sheets?!



A Melbourne based bedding company creating, playful, colourful bedding.


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