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8 Styling Tips for Working Mums

8 Styling Tips for Working Mums

Do you want to feel more confident and still be comfortable when you return to work after having a baby?


Oh no! Mat leave has finished and you have to get out of the activewear and cute sneakers. Both your body and style have changed, so it's time to call in the big guns – a personal stylist. Style by Eliana is owned by a Melbourne Mum who is passionate about helping you get into clothes you love and get on with the job (pun intended). Eliana shares 8 easy to follow tips that will have you strutting back into the office.


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Written by Eliana Colimodio – owner of Style by Eliana


Going back to work after having your little one can be very daunting, so the last thing you want to be thinking about is, what am I going to wear when I get back to work? Not only that, but also most of us have the post bubba body to consider and your style might have changed as well.


Let’s face it, high heels, tight fitting suits or pencil skirts hasn’t been part of your day to day wear for a while nor would you like it to be. As mums, we now tend to look for more comfort and would prefer not to get any stains in our work clothes, yet you still wish to look professional. So how do you get the balance right without compromising on comfort and style?


Tips on making it easy when creating your wardrobe for an office environment:


1. Clean out your work wardrobe

I know this might be a time consuming task to do, but I promise it’s totally worth it and doesn’t have to take as long as you think. Your body shape and style have likely changed, so this step is super important. Embrace the change you’ve gone through while picking and choosing what to keep and what to toss away. You will feel liberated! You deserve to have a work attire that supports you, so make sure to only keep those items that fit you, you absolutely love and that make you feel confident when putting them on.


2. Make a list of items missing

Whether it may be another pair of pants, a couple of tops or some nice comfy shoes, it’s important to make this list as it will help you stay in budget when going shopping for them. Also, it will mean you will shop with purpose rather than heading to the shops and feeling lost on what to shop for.


3. Essentials for a working wardrobe

My recommendations when creating your working wardrobe, depending on your personal style, is to have a couple of dresses, a couple of blazers, 4 to 5 tops, a pair of pants and/or skirts and a couple of shoes. That’s a very good start. You can create lots of outfits with this amount of clothes without spending a fortune.

4. Organising your wardrobe

If you struggle on getting ready in the morning and choosing what to wear, I recommend to putting your working clothes all in one place in your closet so is easy to find and easy to pick and choose.


5. Planning what to wear for the week

If you are time poor and would prefer not to think about what to wear, then you can plan your outfits ahead of time with my Wardrobe Weekly Planner and take away all that hard decision making each morning.


6. Don’t hide behind black

If you decide to wear lots of black as part of your work wardrobe, do it because it makes you feel confident and elegant, not because you want to hide and blend in. You are gorgeous and deserve to feel incredible in your outfit. Don’t be afraid to stand out.


7. Grooming

Taking a bit of time to looking well-presented can help you create a fantastic first impression and can completely change your overall look.


8. Accessories

Why not add a bit of your personality with your accessories? Adding different types of accessories can change an entire outfit. Think scarves, earrings, belts, shoes, bracelets, mix them up! Don’t be afraid to get creative.


Applying these steps when creating your working wardrobe will make your decision making on what to wear a breeze and you will feel more confident when stepping back into the office.


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My mission is to help as many busy mamas as possible to regain their confidence by creating a supportive wardrobe that makes them look and feel amazing every day.


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