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3 practical questions to ask when buying a pram

Pram advice from one Mama to another.


Buying a pram is a big deal. And it can send any preggo woman into a tizz. As a Mama of 2 who has been around the block (with a pram), I’ve got some advice I’d love to share. The practical things. The things we don’t often think about because we’re a bit overwhelmed by the bells & whistles. You’ll use your pram a lot and the way it functions will have a huge impact on helping you get straight outta the house. Here’s 3 key things to keep in mind when sussing out prams.


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Road test potential pram candidates at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show this week (5-7th April).

1. How big is the underneath storage?

When it comes to pram storage, BIGGER is better. Sure, you might drape your baby bag on the handle bar or wear a backpack, but you still need a lot of space to put all-da-things. If you’re a first time Mum, it’ll take a while for you to cull on unnecessary items when going out with bubs. Also, it helps when you do your shopping to not have to use a trolley with wonky wheels.


BONUS TIP: Check the space between the bottom of the seat and the storage. If it’s a tight squeeze, you’ll find yourself forever muttering unsavoury words.

2. Where can I put my coffee?

Motherhood is fuelled by coffee and you’ll need a practical spot for your environmentally-friendly takeaway coffee cup. You’ll also want an accessible spot for your wallet and phone. Find out if the pram comes with a cup holder and pram organiser that sits at the front.


BOUNS TIP: At a pram demo, ask if they have any freebies/bonuses if you purchase the pram on the day. Sometimes the pram organiser and cup holders are additional, so it’s good to see if you can score it for FREE.

3. Is it convertible? When you’re having your first kid, it might seem weird to be thinking about a second. However, pre-planning can save you some mullah later on. Find out if the pram can convert into a double. If you think you might have your kids close in age, it’s worth investing in a convertible pram. You don’t necessarily have to buy the additional attachments right away.


BONUS TIP: Get a convertible that offers multiple seat configurations. You won’t want the toddler facing the sleeping newborn however when they’re older this option might keep them both entertained.


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