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Season 2 | Episode 1

Tina Bruce – Author, Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader

First up to lead us into the season, is Tina Bruce – Author of Mother’s Medicine and Owner, Yoga Teacher and Retreat Leader at Restore a Yoga Mum. In this episode, Tina shares her traumatic birth story and the events that unfolded from this experience. Tina is talking about post traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, feeling let down by the our health system and her addiction to pain relief medicine. We then talk about how yoga played an important role in her self-healing journey and how writing the book Mother’s Medicine has helped her and many other Mums.  

Tina is on a mission to create a vulnerability movement so Mums can be true expressions of their Soul and unafraid to be themselves.


In this episode, Tina shares:

  • Her personal experience of a traumatic birth, chronic pain and drug addiction to pain relief medicine.

  • The birth of her intuition and how we can all tap into it.


  • How yoga play a role in your journey of self-healing and self-acceptance.

  • The process of writing her book 'Mother's Medicine' and the impact of it.


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