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Season 2 | Episode 7

Facing emotional issues with a tool that is at your fingertips

Catharine Ross – EFT tapping & Anxiety Specialist

Catharine Ross is an EFT tapping & Anxiety Specialist. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. Catharine owns Break Free with EFT and through that helps people move on from trauma and deal with anxiety. 


I first came across Catharine in a Facebook group for Melbourne Mums. I was super curious as to what EFT tapping was. After having a stalk of her service ‘Break free with EFT’, I knew that you’d love hearing from her.


Catharine is really passionate about working with parents and children and helping them to address emotional issues at a grass roots level. So she’ll tell you all about how EFT tapping helps with many common challenges that we face. We’ll also chat about an exciting project that she’s implementing into the education system – Emotional First Aid programs.


Catharine is on a mission to empower people to take control of their emotional state by giving them a tool that is literally “at their fingertips”.


In this episode, Catharine shares:

  • What Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping is and why she was drawn to it.

  • The common challenges EFT Tapping can help with (specifically for Mums & kids).


  • Implementing Emotional First Aid programs (featuring EFT) into the Education system. 

  • Misconceptions people have about EFT Tapping.



​Wanna chit chat about this episode? Find me over Insta & Facey at @motherhoodmelbourne.


Connect with Catharine Ross

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