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Season 2 | Episode 6

Helping families to understand and celebrate Muslim culture and Islamic faith

Amal Abou-Eid – Author

I’m delighted to introduce you to Amal Abou-Eid. Author of My Muslim Mate – a children’s book that helps kids  see that through talking and learning about each other's cultures, friendships can flourish and lives can work together harmoniously.


Amal is a community leader that decided to take her love for teaching and learning and step up to help Muslim kids feel safe, understood and celebrated. This is the first of what I can imagine will be many more resources that allow Muslim children to feel proud of their culture and see it represented in literature in a positive way.   

Amal is on a mission to educate families about Islamic faith and to embrace and celebrate Muslim culture.  


In this episode, Amal shares:

  • What inspired her to write a purpose-driven children's book. 

  • Misconceptions about Islam faith and Muslim culture.


  • Conversation starters for families to speak about Muslim culture and people in a positive way. 

  • Post-natal anxiety and motherhood.



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Connect with Amal Abou-Eid


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