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Season 1 | Episode 9

Gabrielle Nancarrow – Founder of Gather

Gabrielle has created a beautiful space in Seddon for women to come together and connect through the sharing of stories, thoughts and experiences. At Gather you’ll find workshops, gatherings and one-on-one sessions with the intention to empower and nurture you. There’s everything from sharing birth stories, infertility and birth loss support, sex and relationship guidance, prenatal yoga, meditation, doula connections and much more.

Gabrielle is on a mission to bring women into the space at Gather so they can connect with other women and help find their balance through self-care, storytelling and community. She wants the women who come to Gather to fell truly held and nurtured and to feel that they are in a safe space where they can share whatever it is that is happening in their life.

In this episode, Gabrielle shares:

  • A reflection of her early motherhood experience.

  • The journey of Gather from idea to creation. 


  • An explanation of the role of Doula.

  • The different types of workshops and services available at Gather.

  • A discussion about the importance of having a community when facing motherhood.


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Connect with Gabrielle

4 Alexander Street, Seddon

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