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Season 1 | Episode 10

Clair Hill – Spiritual Life Coach – Psychic & Medium

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Clair Hill is a psychic and medium and uses these gifts in her role as a Spiritual Life Coach. At a young age, Clair was faced with her gifts but not largely aware that other people were not as in-tune with their intuition as she was. Coming out of the spiritual closet and embracing her intuition, has set Clair upon a path to help others. As a life coach, Clair introduces people to philosophies to move them through trauma, relationships and different experiences. 

Clair is on a mission to teach people at any stage of their lives they can “Soul Scape”  – redesign, grow and nurture the next version of you.

In this episode, Clair shares:

  • How personal experience of discovering her Clairvoyance.

  • The differences between her psychic and medium abilities.


  • The journey to embracing her intuition to serves as Spiritual Life Coach. 

  • Common issues that she helps Mums work through.


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