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Why Kangatraining is great for new mums

When fitness is a big part of your pre-baby life, the transition to motherhood can be difficult. Even just the logistics of trying to find a sitter can be enough to make you want to put it in the too-hard basket. Soon after the birth of her son, Melbourne mama Jo, came across Kangatraining. It's a fitness class that allows women to exercise safely whilst connecting with other mums. The best part is that bubs are welcomed to join the class and are involved in the workout. Jo loved Kangatraining so much and could see the positive effects for mothers, that she now runs her own sessions. If you've ever wondered about baby-wearing fitness class, Jo (from Kangatraining Port Melboure and Yarraville), kindly shares all of the benefits that make it a suitable option for Melbourne mums.



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Written by Jo Attard – Kangatraining Yarraville and Port Melbourne


I’m 43 and would like another baby but having had several miscarriages and needing help via IUI to conceive I feel too old to go back on the trying treadmill. Yeah, it’s a bit sad but I feel truly blessed to have my son in my life and I’m dead set on concentrating on enjoying every moment of my boy so my story’s a joyous one.


While trying to hold tight to every moment of my one and only bubba, I’m thrilled to have found Kangatraining in my life. Kangatraining is a mums and bubs fitness class where bubs are not only welcome but they are part of the workout. While cuddled close to mums in a baby carrier, bubs are guaranteed to enjoy the workout as much as mums. The gentle rocking of mum’s dance combined with mum’s warmth and beating heart means babies are more than content and often nod off to a blissful sleep.

I discovered Kangatraining at my Maternal Child Health clinic. It appealed to me as I was hanging out to get back to some sort of exercise but didn’t want to leave my bub with anyone or in the pram. I had suffered from a broken back in my early 20s so I needed to be careful about my postnatal recovery. I had delivered via C-section and developed diastasis recti, so doubly needed to strengthen my core safely. Kangatraining ticked all the boxes, low impact with an emphasis on restoring core and pelvic strength and dance based so the sort of movement I could really enjoy.


Kangatraining was perfect! It got me out of the house and proactive about the real threats of post-natal depression. Anxiety and depression was another curb in my health that I knew all too well and needed to be mindful of. Being active and on the front foot meant that I stayed ahead of its frightening and all too common grip. It was another avenue to connect with local mums and an opportunity to build a network at a time which can be so isolating. Just knowing I had a weekly commitment was a blessing.

Basically, I was hooked straight away! My bub was colicky and loved being held upright in a baby carrier. I loved to dance and loose myself in music, despite sometimes feeling totally unco and above all it felt great to be doing something for me where I was connecting with my new mum bod.

Before long I discovered I could become a Kangatrainer and off I went to Kanga school! What a find that was! I took part in a week-long course where I was trained by babywearing professionals, midwives and physiotherapists. It was amazing to learn more about Kangatraining, its Austrian origins and how much its prides itself as being the best postnatal workout for mums and bubs. My baby was welcome to attend the course and I met a group of supportive women.

I always wanted to run my own little business but never really had the passion for anything in particular and here it was at a time in my life which was full of change and trepidation I had found something I could call a vocation. I could combine so many of my values into a quality service to help other mums just like me. It also meant I could extend my maternity leave and take my son (now my business partner) to work.

I’ve been Kangatraining for 2 years now. I’ve built a business out of things I cherish. There are so many aspects of Kangatraining that I love. One of my greatest personal joys is that it has allowed me to spend more time with my child. I love that we work together as a team meeting new mums and their bubs. I love that we get to dance together and that wearing him strengthens our bond as well as my core. I enjoy laughing with other mums while they dance and bond with their babies and take time out to do something good for themselves. I also love all the incidental conversations and friendships that come hand in hand with mums coming together in a healthy and supportive environment. I feel lucky to have come across Kangatraining when I did and I love sharing my knowledge and passion for it with other mums and bubs.

Mums can give Kangatraining a go with me at Fernwood in Yarraville on Thursdays or find their nearest Kangatrainer by visiting Kangatraining has over 100 trainers across Australia, each one with their own story of how they’ve built a business out of love for their babies. We all want to share the gift of Kangatraining with mums. It truly is the best postnatal workout a mum can have with her baby cuddled close. Give it a go!



Kangatraining is a mums and bubs fitness class. It’s a franchise business and I own the most inner Melbourne area running classes in Middle Park, Yarraville and West Footscray.


Biz owner: Jo Attard


Favourite café: Leroy’s


Coffee order: Soy Latte and a Baby Chino


[email protected]


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