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Walls of Stories – Turning childhood books into personalised decor for your child's room

What's your favourite childhood book? Thinking about it most likely gives you the warm and fuzzies. Not only is a cherished memory, but also a little insight into your personality and the things you were drawn to as a child. Melbourne Mama – Rachel gravitated to this concept when she was designing her son's room. She wanted it to be quirky and fun which led to her deciding on a Dr Seuss theme. Instead of the books collecting dust on a shelf, she put her creative hat on and incorporated the books into the decor. From this Walls of Stories was born – A Melbourne based business that offers a personal way to decorate your child’s room, by designing wooden letters with your child's favourite book. Discover more about this handmade biz and the owner behind it.


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An interview with owner of Walls of Stories – Rachel Muscat.


The beginning

I found there was a gap in the marketplace for boy’s decor when I was trying to furnish my son’s bedroom.

I love being creative and based on the above, I decided to make my own decor. My husband and I wanted our son to be cheerful, clever and quirky, so we decided on a Dr Seuss theme for his bedroom.

We bought some Dr Suess books and I framed the front covers to hang in his bedroom and used the pages to decorate wooden letters to spell out his name – Charlie.

Making mother’s lives brighter

I believe it makes mother’s lives brighter as books are magical and when you speak to people, they can tell you a book they loved reading when they were young and why it’s special to them – it brings back happy childhood memories which they probably wouldn’t normally think about…

Customer love

It still shocks me when customers tell me they love my letters and want to order some. However, at the same time, it makes me feel happy and excited to be able to create something they end up loving and adding to their little one’s bedroom.


Most popular product

All my letters are custom made so I haven’t created the same letter twice as yet.



I love your letters but I’m not sure which book to choose… So I like to ask questions to understand their personality and decor, then I suggest a suitable book to match, based on their answers.


I buy books based on customer requests, so I can spend a couple of days searching the Internet to find a book with suitable pictures to fit my letters. There’s been 3 times so far I’ve bought a book that turned out too small or unusable, however I’ve been able to find a replacement without the customer knowing the trouble I’ve gone to.


Biz love

The part I love most about running my biz is customer satisfaction and seeing pics of my letters on Instagram.



It’s cliche, but I love spending time with my husband and son as a family.


Future plans

Not really, just seeing where this crazy journey takes me!



A Melbourne based business offering a unique and personal way to decorate your nursery or child’s room, choose your favourite children’s book to design personalised wooden letters for your little one.


Business owner: Rachel Muscat


Fav café: Cafe Metsa

Coffee order: I don’t drink coffee (I whispered that as you can’t not be a coffee drinker in Melbourne!). Classic Fraus European Hot Chocolate all the way.


[email protected]


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