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Unique and innovative design features at Little Learning School’s new Melbourne childcare centres

Little Learning School is an industry leader in providing modern and interactive spaces for children, incorporating innovative design to encourage little ones to grow, learn and develop in a safe and fun environment. Little Learning School provides the perfect home away from home and focuses on delivering market-leading programs (e.g. foreign language classes, sports, music, yoga and their exclusive school readiness program ‘Ready to read’) for children aged 0-5 years. In this article, explore three unique design features that you’ll find at each Little Learning School centre.


HOOD MAMA SPECIAL: Little Learning School is offering a pre-opening special of 8 weeks FREE child care. New centres are opening soon in Sandringham, Williams Landing and Wyndham Vale. Visit Little Learning School to enquire now.


1. Ball Wall

The ball walls are designed specifically to achieve:



The balls used vary in size and texture (e.g. slippery and rough). Children’s dexterity improves as they are challenged to coordinate their muscles to manipulate the balls.



As children use the wall, they begin to investigate – “Why do softer balls roll slower than a hard ball?”, “Does a smaller ball rolls faster than a big ball?”, “Do all balls bounce?”



Creates an opportunity for children and educators to experiment when children ask questions like – “Do only round things roll?” or “Do things with lots of sides roll too?”.

2. Sensory Wall

Sensory walls are integral feature at Little Learning School centres. They are carefully designed with everyday materials which encourage children to further explore their environment and become familiar with these everyday materials.


The sensory walls also promote –


Vision focus

The fine materials used on the sensory wall encourage children to look closely to investigate what they are. This activity exercises the fine muscles that control our eyes and strengthens the vision focus.



The sensory wall includes a combination of different textured materials. This helps children to explore and distinguish between the various sensations they experience when interacting with particular materials.



The different materials produce various sounds. Children discover the associated sound of each material when interacting the sensory wall. Discovery Interaction with the sensory wall creates an opportunity for children and educators to discuss and discover features such as “What is this made of?”, “What happens if…”, “Why is this…?”.


3. Sandpit Edging

You’ll only find these unique contoured sandpit edges at Little Learning School.


The sandpits are designed with two distinguishing features –


Concave sections

The inside dips are shaped to support little one’s backs and the outside dips provide supportive and comfortable seating for all.


Convex sections

The tiny mounds encourage children so pull themselves up and also provide a challenging surface to manoeuvre around the edges.

Other great features that you’ll love about Little Learning School:

  • Pre-opening special offer of 8 weeks FREE child care at their new Wyndham Vale, Sandringham, Williams Landing centres.*

  • Public holidays are always free

  • Menus are designed by a paediatric nutritionist. Meals are cooked daily onsite using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

  • Foreign language classes, sports, music, yoga and dance

  • Kinder program

  • Exclusive 'Ready to Read' school readiness program.


Little Learning School is a Motherhood Melbourne partner in crime. I only partner with the best businesses that make Melbourne mama’s lives better ‘n’ brighter. This post was kindly sponsored by Little Learning School and written by Motherhood Melbourne.



Little Learning School is trusted, quality child care provided for 0 – 5 year olds in spectacular centres with market-leading programs and resources.

1300 255 555

[email protected]



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