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Tegan's motherhood story – My family is my world and my everything

It was September 2011 and my now husband (Matt) and I had just celebrated 1 year of dating and buying our first home together. All in all, it was a very exciting time.


As Matt is 9 years older than me, We had discussed children early on. My mum had a lot of trouble having kids and went through IVF so we decided life's short. We took the approach that we are in a relationship that will last forever so let's take it as it comes. We were not necessarily trying for kids but we were also not, not trying either.


I had moved 3 hours away from my family and friends but I was loving life as I had the most amazing boyfriend and we had just moved into our beautiful home. Having just started my job I thought the sick feeling and changes I was feeling were due to stress of a new job and settling into a new town etc. But little did I know that it was our first born baby growing inside.


When the reality hit that we were expecting our first child I was both excited and to be honest shitting myself. Only being 19 myself I wasn't sure I was "grown up enough" to look after a child. For the first few months of being pregnant, I'm not going to lie, I was a grumpy, hormonal, emotional wreck. But the day I felt my first movement it all just naturally felt better. I felt excited and a connection that I never thought was possible.

Now to labour! OMG labour! It was sooo long. I spent 36 hours trying to get this tiny little bubs out of me. With contractions 5 minutes apart for hours they kept saying "not long now" but I wasn't really getting anywhere. The only thing that got me through labour was Matt. He sat by my side the whole time, held my hand and reassured me that I could do it and we are going to have an amazing little bundle of joy in our hands soon. Finally the real pushing time came. After running to the toilet (screaming I need to poo and the midwife sticking her hand in the toilet as she was worried I was going to push the baby out in the toilet), I refocused and pushed our little baby boy out. He came out with his arms up so he did a bit of damage and I also lost a lot of blood. So once that was all fixed up I could take a breath and enjoy the amazing moment.


Being a new young mum I really wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could do give him the best start. You now how it is? Reading lots and singing to him, marking sure he's getting enough sunlight and I was breastfeeding so making sure he was eating enough.


With the months now flying by and teaching myself how to be the best mum I can be, he was growing so quickly. I went back to work when he was 9 months old but really didn't enjoy my job and I really just wanted to be with him. So I went back to school and opened the door to many new opportunities that meant I could work from home around him.

Shortly after opening my own business we decided it was time to give little Nate a brother or a sister. Nate was 2.5 years when I feel pregnant and we were actually living away for my husbands work at the time. It was so great it meant that I could spend as much time into Nate and also the bubba I was growing inside me.


With another insane labor we had another little boy Koby. I really don't like hospitals so within 12 hours of him being born, I was out of there and home. Luckily it was Melbourne Cup Day so it meant that we could be at home and enjoy the quiet time as everyone else was busy with the Cup. But that didn't stop the mums duties as the next day was swimming for Nate. No rest for the wicked, right?


Now as they are both growing together and pressing all my buttons, I'm still juggling being a mum and running a business. But I wouldn't change it for the world. Even on the days when I feel like all I have done is yell at them for fighting over cars and Lego, or when they're not eating their dinner! They both drive me crazy at times but I'm crazy about them both. I honestly didn't think I could love them the way I do! I was even worried I wouldn't love the second as much as my first but nope, I love them both sooo much and in different ways.

In saying that the last 5.5 yrs have just been an amazing roller coaster with its highs and lows. Somehow I got through every one of them and that's a massive thank you to my husband! He has been there for me every step of the way. I know I can call him in tears and he'll listen and help me through it or I can call him because the kids are driving me up the wall and he reminds me how lucky we are and that's he'll be home soon to help out. He's such an amazing dad always finding the time to make sure they know he loves them and he's always playing with them. I think it helps that he's a big kid too.


I also have had amazing family support from my parents and Matt's Mum. They have always only been a call away and are always telling me what an amazing job I'm doing as a mum. My family is my world and my everything. I wouldn't change one single thing about having kids at 19, in fact I think it's the best decision I've ever made.



I love being active. We are very much outdoors-type people, so we go camping a lot and take the boat to the lake. I also don't mind a good shopping trip.


Hood: Seaford (but moving to Kinglake)


Children: 2 Boys Nate 5yrs & Koby almost 2yrs


Motherhood in 5 words: Hard, fun, crazy, joyful and rewarding


Fav family-friendly place: We always find ourselves at the Seaford beach. Also, we also love going any staying at Crown Metropol, to explore the city and enjoy the pool and then a movie in our room.


Coffee order: Cap – no sugar.


Biz: Relax & Unwind Massage Therapy

A mobile massage and beauty business where we go around and do group pamper sessions for hens days, baby showers, girls days, birthdays – the works. I also hand make all my own soy candles, melts, bath salts and bath bombs.




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