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Me-time movement review: Sweating it up at Firm Butts Fitness

Melbourne mums putting their activewear to the test.


Last Saturday, a group of Melbourne mamas committed to starting their weekend with a workout at Firm Butts Fitness in Port Melbourne. Owner and trainer, Taigen coordinated a high-intensity session that was both fun and challenging. Each mama embraced every activity and showed strength and stamina as they put their activewear to the test.

Women's fitness is a key focus at Firm Butts Fitness which is why they offer Mums & Bubs classes. As a mother of two, Taigen understands the importance of mums getting out of the house and the physical and mental benefits of focusing on themselves.


Teaming up with Firms Butts Fitness for a Motherhood Melbourne 'Me-time movement' activity was the perfect choice. We both believe that mamas and our families benefit when we make time during the week for ourselves. Some of the tough mamas that trialled the 'Mums getting fit' class, have kindly shared their experience in this post. Continue reading to find out why Firm Butts Fitness is highly recommended among Melbourne mums and enjoy the special below if you're looking for a bit of #fitspo.


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Taigen and Jason – Firm Butts Fitness


Firm Butts Fitness is a family business that is run by wifey and hubby duo Taigen and Jason. They pride themselves on getting to know their clients and finding out what motivates them. They started their own fitness service because they wanted to have a positive impact on people's lives and help their clients discover how strong they really are. Firm Butts Fitness offers both small group classes and Mums & bubs classes. As trainers, they love to mix things up and offer variety to each workout. Taigen and Jason do the thinking for you – all you have to do is show up!


What Melbourne mamas are sayin'…

A review of a Firm Butts Fitness group workout.

#hoodmama Tien


I loved the rush of endorphins post workout and also was really proud of pushing myself to get active again. That sense of achievement that I could actually survive and keep up with the hiit program (one of my weaknesses) felt great. I also secretly enjoyed the “alone” sans baby time too.


After the session was finished I felt like I had, had an entire body workout and admittedly a little sick – but not long after, the feelgood endorphins kicked in and it felt really great! Totally relaxed!


I would definitely recommend it to other mamas. I think the program and trainers were really supportive and understood the need to support mums.


#hoodmama Shaye


The energy and support at the sessions was crazy-amazing. I have not kept on top of my physical health the past year but damn, I couldn't stop smiling. It was such a fun environment.


The workout was hard and fast but exactly what I needed in a reasonable time-frame! Mamas without a full time nanny do not have time to spend hours at the gym.


I love how much I learnt about myself, the good and the very unhealthy. All from only one training session! Its a great team that I will be going back to see. I only wish something this bloody good was in my hood.


My gosh, I would totally recommend Firm Butts Fitness to other mama. The superheros at Firm Butts Fitness are life changing. Groups for mums and bubs? Yes please!

#hoodmama Sarah


I enjoyed that the workout was something different to what I usually do for training. It was a great opportunity to get the heart rate up and work up a sweat. It was great to work out with some other mums and have a bit of a fun and laugh.


The incorporation of games into the training made it a bit of fun also! After the workout I felt invigorated and hungry!


I would definitely recommend training at Firm Butts Fitness to other mamas. It was an effective session in 45 mins and provided options to modify the circuit training to make it easier or harder depending on your fitness level.


Taigen and Jason did a great job of putting us through our paces, providing encouragement and pushing us along the way. Well done guys!

#hoodmama Cat


The workout was perfect for mamas of all levels, you could choose to go at your own pace or really push yourself. Changing each activity every 15 seconds keeps the workout interesting and allows you to rest parts of your body. Working with a partner through the rotation was also a real plus, keeping each other accountable and building morale.


I love that the gym is a compact size, you don’t feel lost. It meant between workouts and after you can mingle and chat with everyone in your session. Group workouts aren’t just about building fitness but also building a team connection. Loved it!


I would absolutely recommend this group session to other mama as it’s a full body workout whilst still working as a team. Plus, it is a really great way to increase fitness and meet some fellow workout buddies.



Firm Butts Fitness kindly provided all mamas at the Me-time movement class with an awesome giftbag. It was filled with a range of products and services to support their fitness journey.


Thank you to all of the businesses who contributed. It's oh-so-lovely that you all support mamas having a lil' me-time!


Firm Butts Fitness, ProPlenish, The Skin Boutique, Symmetry Physiotherapy, CASA X AMUK, authentically alive, aquamamma, Bondi Protein Co and JAK Organics.


25 Rocklea Dr, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia[email protected]



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