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Owlet Smart Sock – Bringing peace of mind to new and expectant parents


This post was kindly sponsored by Owlet Baby Care and written by Motherhood Melbourne.


Brace yourself mama, the Owlet Smart Sock has just launched in Australia!


So, you’ve had a baby and you’ve done some reading. Some of the info about sleep-related risks have scared you and made you feel anxious. Your baby is teeny tiny but the weight of responsibility feels HUGE. You’re told to sleep when the baby sleeps but the worry is keeping you up and you’re checking on your child constantly. Want some peace of mind and to catch up on those stolen Zzz’s?


Owlet Baby Care have been creating products that help bring peace of mind to parents since 2015 in both the U.S and Canada. With increased interest from parents in Australia, they are bringing the Owlet Smart Sock to our shores so that we can also have access to this amazing technology.


The Owlet Smart Sock is a smart baby monitor that uses technology called pulse oximetry to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. The technology is miniaturized so that it fits snuggly into a sock that’s wrapped around your child’s foot. You can view live readings and receive valuable insights via your smartphone, providing peace of mind as your child sleeps.

Here are some of the reasons why you’ll love the Owlet Smart Sock –


Designed by parents

The Owlet Smart Sock is designed by parents, for parents who believed there had to be something more effective to help you know how your baby is doing. The Owlet Baby Care team believe that parents deserve better than outdated methods such as placing your hand on your child’s chest.

Peace of mind

83% of parents who use the Owlet Smart Sock report sleeping better. Having access to valuable insights about your child as they sleep, provides you with an opportunity to worry less and catch up on vital sleep.

Snug-fit, discreet and wireless

It’s surprising to know that such helpful technology can fit inside a baby sized sock. Snug enough that it will fit under your child’s sleepwear. Each kit also provides three sock sizes that grow with your baby, so you will be able to use the Owlet Smart Sock up to 18 months old. Being wireless means it’ll be discreet in your child’s nursery and also whilst it’s on your baby’s foot.


Want to get your hands on the Owlet Smart Sock? Buy one now for yourself or an expecting friend via




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