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Olivia's motherhood story – My sister delivered my daughter

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child we were very surprised (pleasantly of course…eventually). No really, I was extremely nervous about having two kids under two but also extremely nervous about going through labour again.

My sons labour was tough, 13 days over due, GBS positive, induction booked and meconium in my waters. Fast forward – 12 hours late, with the help of an epidural and forceps and lots of stitches, I had my son. I wasn't prepared for the recovery but I got through it. However, less than 2 years later, I was a little terrified about the thought of doing it again.

My second pregnancy was similar to my first, very positive and uneventful. I had great pregnancies, carried my babies really well and felt really good ('glowing' some would say!). At 39 weeks I went to my check-up feeling extremely close to labour having experienced lots of braxton hicks contractions, very engaged and low, lots of colostrum and hopeful that I didn't have long to go. I was shocked when I was only measuring 34 weeks at 39 weeks and understandably was booked for an induction over the following days. I was devastated! The last thing I wanted was to be induced again.

I was lucky that during my pregnancy I had an amazing student midwife – my older sister! I called her in tears but Renee being the best midwife / sister reassured me everything was going to be ok and that in a few days I would meet my daughter.

3 days later they broke my waters at 6am and I was lucky the birth suite was busy. This meant that the hospital staff were happy for me to try put myself into labour. So that's what did we did. We walked and walked and walked! My sister and I walked the hospital walls for 6 hours. If you need to know where anything is at the Mercy Women's hospital, I can help.

At 3pm still nothin, so on the drip I went, with mixed emotions.

I really really hoped to have a natural labour and by 8pm things were seriously intense (a little like the Allianz commercial my husband tells me).

This is my fave part! –

I was 8cm and thought I couldn't do it anymore, so I asked for an epidural.

Then I needed an urgent toilet visit (sorry, too much info). I sat there with my amazing student midwife / sister and her comforting words to me were "you are so close Liv. A few more contractions and your baby could be here." It was by far the best pep talk I've had in my life, so I told her I didn't want the epidural, and she was right!

Two contractions later I was in the bathroom, screaming and my sister was delivering (catching) my baby!

I have goosebumps writing this, that moment was one of, if not the most proud moment of my life.

Kenzi Brook was born at 8.38pm. I went from 8cm to her being born in 8 minutes. To make the moment even more intense my husband wasn't in the room. His story – "I was walking back from the bathroom and a stranger ran up to him, are you Brent? Yup, RUN." He arrived just in time (wowzas).

I could not have asked for a more amazing birth and having my sister deliver her was a moment I will never forget, a bond they will share forever! I know it sounds totally crazy (and we aren't having any more children), but I actually wish I could do it again, yup bloody crazy!!!





I'm easy going, busy and Insta addicted. I love a jarmies day with the kids and going to work to make young mums like myself feel amazing.


Hood: Greensborough


Children: Two kids – My son Cash (3 and a half) and daughter Kenzi (18 months).


Motherhood in 5 words: Lotsa love, coffee and wine


Fav family-friendly place: Keeper kids at the Melbourne Zoo.


Coffee order: Is essential! Skinny latte with 1.


Biz: Hair by Liz

I'm a hairdresser and LOVE what I do, I work for myself in a salon in Watsonia.







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