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Melbourne creative:  Paper and Style Co.

Not many people roll out of bed on Monday morning with sheer excitement to start work. But for Di Hocking, she lives and breathes stationary designing and illustrating. With a hot cuppa and 80's RnB pumping in the background, Di works on delivering beauty via her business Paper and Style Co. A scroll through her lovely feed on Instagram and Facebook, will instantly bring about a calming feeling. Di designs beautiful botanical creations using her two favourite mediums – pencil and watercolour. I'm sure you'll find it an absolute delight to find out more about Di Hocking – the Melbourne creative behind Paper and Style Co.


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Introducing – Di Hocking (Paper and Style Co.)



I may have been born with a pencil in my hand (haha)! I was always drawing as a young girl, making anyone who would sit still for half an hour so I could draw their portrait. But unfortunately, the pencil got lost for quite a few years, only to be picked up again over the last year.  


Signature style

I use mainly graphite pencil or watercolour to create my artwork. They are both very different mediums. Pencils allow a lot of control and detail, which I love to create in my work, whereas watercolour is sometimes very unforgiving, but allows you to be free and more creative. 

Creative environment

Hands down-the beach! On our last family holiday last Easter to Port Douglas, something happened and I could not put my pencil down. Being in the warm environment and sea air just does something to me- I feel at home. It's when I am at my most chilled. But when I am not by the beach, it's got to be a clean table in the dining room with 80's R&B tunes in the background and a cup of tea.



I work from home and I am a one-woman-band. I conceptualise, design, draw, edit, style and photograph ALL of it. This one may surprise some but stationery lovers may relate…if I get any beautiful tags on the clothes I buy, they go up on a pin board, it's too hard to throw out quality design and paper!


I have two recent brag moments –

First one was when Longina Phillips recognised me and followed me on Instagram (dance around to myself moment).

Second is landing my first retail store Lonni Lifestyle in Seddon-a gorgeous independent store with an even lovelier owner.

Spare time activities

I really love hanging out at the beach/rock pools and going for bush walks so I can study our beautiful botanical fauna. I also love going to the Camberwell market, well any market in fact, catching up with friends and just being with my family. 

The process

A friend recently asked about my process and it really surprised her, to me it's kind of how I have always worked. I do lots of thinking (some call it procrastinating) and research, all before I pick up a pencil. There is no screwed up paper here. By the time I do put pencil to paper I know exactly what I want to achieve. Most of my art can take up to 10 hours to draw, so I like to be sure I don't need to re-do it. 


Low-down on the minimalist print you've created for Hood Mamas

I really hope you love my new Weekly Planner. It is a new Jasmine design I have been painting just in time for Spring. I love Jasmine, the smell is just amazing and it reminds me of Spring. I hope you love using the planner and it helps you stay organised. Print out as many as you need, on an A4 sheet of paper.


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I am a stationery designer and Illustrator. I design wedding invitations, create artwork, wrapping paper, stationery items such as postcards and for the festive season soon to come, handmade Christmas Crackers all featuring my artwork.


Creator: Di Hocking


Favourite café: Morris and Heath


Coffee order: No coffee for me, as much as I love the smell of it I can't drink it! So it's tea or hot chocolate for me. 


[email protected]


Join the hood to receive the HOOD MAMA SPECIAL.



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