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Melbourne creative:  Lyn and I

Olivia has always had a creative soul. Although she travelled on a path to fashion and then Biomedical science, her creative roots drew her back to illustrating and designing. Over the years, Olivia has found her signature style and her work now reflects a romantic and dreamy effect. Making the commitment to turn her passion into a career, Olivia created Lyn and I. Through this brand, she has developed a range of products where others can own and enjoy a touch a class and style too. You're going to adore finding out more about the gorgeous Melbourne creative (or rather, the Ballarat creative) behind Lyn and I – Olivia Lorkin.


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Introducing – Olivia Lorkin (Lyn and I)



I’ve always been a crafty person, in both senses of the word, ever since I was young. I loved creating art projects and truly started taking it seriously towards the end of high school. I wanted to be an artist but got caught up in fashion design for a few years. I finally came back to design but in my own way, I started illustrating in my down time and from there ideas started. This began again when I was half way through my bachelor in Biomedical Science, I loved the field but knew ultimately it wasn’t for me. After graduating I eventually went on to creating more designs and then starting my own brand.  


Signature style

I have quite a pink, floral and delicate style which has progressed with my own sense of style over the years. I’ve always loved fashion and that’s highlighted in many of my works, I love cute patterns and I’m very partial to watercolours.

Creative environment

The TV must be on, I need noise in the background to create and there’s usually a show on Netflix would suffice me. Much to my backs disappointment, I tend to do most of my drawings on the couch. I like to gather as many pillows as possible and then tend to forget about the world for a few hours. I’m also one of those people that needs to have a clean house before creating, if there’s a mess I’d rather it cleaned up before settling into drawing.



As much as I love the colour pink, I don’t wear it and my dress sense is very monochrome with a splash of colour.


Having the idea to create my own illustrated candles and throwing myself into developing them. It was a huge task of sourcing, creating and figuring out manufacturing but I now am at a place where I’ve launched my first collection and working on so many ideas I can barely keep up with myself!


Spare time activities

Honestly, I love to spend time with my husband, family and friends. There’s nothing I love more than just catching up with the people I cherish the most. Even if it’s for a quick coffee between meetings or a dinner out before a flight, it’s those moments and time spent that I love to fill my spare time with.

The process

Whilst I am a lover of painting and drawing I tend to do most of my work digitally. I use an iPad and Pencil to draw my work, it’s so much easier this way to then send and create pieces for printing. Plus my couch thanks me for no longer spilling copious amounts of inks over it.


Low-down on the minimalist print you've created for Hood Mamas

To me motherhood takes on a variety of meanings, I was raised by my Nan and my experiences with motherhood is that there is not one standard that fits the individual. I chose to draw a variety of shoes to emphasis the many styles and roles motherhood can represent.


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An illustration business that encompasses both my designs and products. I create pieces of artwork for interiors, keepsake candles with unique illustrations and cute cards for special occasions. All my products are designed and created by me in Ballarat, Victoria.


Creator: Olivia Lorkin


Favourite café: Mitchell Harris Wine Bar (they serve coffees so I’m going with that technicality)


Coffee order: Chai latte


[email protected]


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